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The First Step of Building Your Career

Congratulations you have been appointed for this position, welcome to the team. This particular type of sentence is the ultimate response every candidate wants to hear after an interview. From increasing competition to a unstable economy the pressure to land a job is magnificent. But one day your hard-work finally pays off and you receive an appointment letter.

5 Tips On How To Get Motivated To Practice

Here are 5 uncommon tips that have successfully helped myself and others to get motivated to practice. Staying motivated for a sport or any other endeavor is important and these tips will help you to get motivated and to stay motivated.

Motivation – Do You Really Need It? How to Generate Your Own

An explanation about motivation quotes ans speeches that sometimes just don’t work. How to find the truly important motivation within you to achieve your goals.

What’s In The Way – Is The Way

On the right path into your future? Not sure – wish you were – you are but it’s taking longer than you thought to get to your destination? Great questions, ones that I have often asked myself in times of stress, frustration, uncertainty and discouragement. What’s the answer? Well as the common phrase says – it is complicated. Why is it complicated? Here are a few things to consider. Is there only one right path?

Turn Off Your Cruise Control NOW

There are advantages to using the cruise control feature in your car – avoid speeding tickets, relax your legs, getting better miles per gallon by maintaining a consistent speed and enjoying the scenery as you travel through nature, but there are disadvantages as well such as not paying moment by moment attention and embracing and enjoying your environment, creating the potential for an accident because you are distracted, being lulled into a stupor where you can even fall asleep and surrendering your driving to technology rather than active consciousness. You would be amazed at how many people…

The Stories That Shape Us

Often we will tell ourselves stories to make sense of what we may be experiencing in that moment, what is going on inside of us or in the world around us. We use these stories to justify our thoughts, our actions and our behaviour as well as those of others. Where we don’t have all the facts, we fill in the gaps with our own version of the facts based on our personal experiences, our opinions and our benchmarks.

How Two Turtle Doves Can Change Your Day

Today, not one of my best days as I bumbled around feeling lost. My plan was in place but a few technical glitches made the ride a little bumpier than was ideal, I had a number of things to get done and I am glad to say I have got them done albeit a little delayed. I was though worried, concerned and that worry and concern was my finances.

What to Do When I Have No Power

This is not just another “9 ways to feel better when you feel depressed” article. This is personal experience.

8 Things Successful People Never Do Again

As you know, success is all about having the proper mindset moving forward-if you have a successful mindset, you open yourself up for success and opportunity. But simply having the proper mind set of success isn’t enough-you have to carefully cultivate it and help it grow through your experiences. For example, learning what works and what doesn’t is part of life. Trial and error aren’t always the best way to gather new experience, but sometimes it does become necessary. But the true successful mindset takes each of these “errors” and stores them into the memory bank. Successful people simply don’t repeat their errors. In fact, having a mindset rooted in success will help you take your lessons and apply them to other facets and aspects of your life and career. This will help you avoid trial and error learning wherever possible.

Did You Realise That YOU Are Actually in Control of Your Life?

How many times have you wished things were different? “I wish I were slimmer” “I wish I were fitter” “I wish I were healthier” “I wish I had more money” “I wish I could go on holiday this year” Whatever it is you are wishing for, what are you doing to make it actually happen? If you wish that you were healthier, are you looking at the what you do that is unhealthy and removing it?

Engaging the Angels in Spiritual Warfare

You can also engage the services of the Angels of God to work for you when you command things to be done in Jesus Name. Angels will get to work when you begin with determination and using the name of Jesus, the problem cannot stand, the Angels will make sure it is uprooted out of your life. One of my sons, David was having problems with his eyes, whenever he wakes up from the sleep, his two eyes will be red and covered with a whitish substance.

Just Do Whatever It Takes

Some years ago a little Red Book of some 30 pages came into my possession. No, it is not “The Little Red Book” of Mao Tse Tung but a book simply titled “The Ultimate Secret”. In it, the author builds up a thesis around this principle: “In order to accomplish your goals you must be willing to do whatever it takes”. This motivational speech was delivered as part of a Rostrum Open Speaker of the Year competition. It looks at the efforts of three people used to achieve their goals. They were: Mao, the leader of Red China, A champion Australian Football player and Sally, the young Maths student.

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