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Losing Weight Changed My Life

I remember being fat and walking into a room thinking, “everyone is looking at me and all they can think about is that I’m fat.” But the truth is, it was true. I have the body I want now. I never had the confidence I do now when I was fat.

Midlife – Crisis or Opportunity?

If you are standing at a major midlife crossroads, you may well feel that all roads lead to crisis. The reality however, can be very different — once we recognize the right signs to follow, they can guide us all the way to brand new opportunities.

Persistence – But With the Right Attitude!

Persistence and perseverance. Those words imply ACTION. Those words are two of the most important for your success.

What If You Can Take Action Now?

Does this often happen to you: You are handed a task or project straight after lunch that you have to complete by the end of the day. No later. What do you do? Do you mumble, groan or perhaps even curse under your breath? Do you think, How on earth can I get this done?

People Who Throw Money Away To Show That They Have It

Joe has a great life and he spends his money so that everyone can see that he is doing well, but he’s not. Joe is flat broke, in fact, he’s past broke. Deep in debt and commitment, Joe is treading water in a lake full of alligators.

Monotone – Recasting Vision For Your Life

What about you? How excited are you about life, career, marriage, relationships, finances, economy, religion, etc? We can hear so much negative from the news and radio stations that we get sucked up into it thinking our life and life itself is just plain old negative. It is amazing to me how human nature magnifies the negative so much.

It’s Time For a Butt-Kicking! Can you Handle It?

A lot of you may not want to hear this…so prepare yourself…Your Success or Failure in Life is no ones fault but your own…Its not your parents fault, it’s not a past abusive relationships fault, its not your teachers fault, It’s not your parents fault who didn’t show you or ever tell you they loved you, It’s not not your employer’s fault who wont give you a raise….It’s nobody’s fault but your own!

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

Life in the fast lane can really take a toll on you and if you’re not careful, you’d be inviting many different types of uninvited guests into your lives; namely, stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and many other types of illnesses. Working hard is a good thing and many experts have said that a little bit of stress in our lives is a good thing. But do you know your threshold? Do you know when to stop or when to slow down?

Are You Ready To Improve Your Motivation Level?

How motivated are you to do what you want to be a better golfer? Or go to the gym, to lose weight, quit smoking, start a new relationship or to get up and do things around the house? Do you find that your days drag from one moment to the next, and you have no drive to get things done?

Never Wait

Since when did waiting for anything make it come any faster? Do you want it? Do you want it now? Then stop waiting.

Successful Corporation – (Insert Your Name), Inc

The infrastructure of out lives must be as stable as that of a successful corporation. Every facet must fit perfectly to carry out your life’s mission.

How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?

Do you find losing weight frustrating and stressful? Are you anxious about your appearance, especially with your summer holiday so close, and you just can’t seem to get rid of the excess fat?

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