BELIEVE IN YOU | Powerful Motivational Speeches Compilation

Believe in Yourself to Accomplish Anything – Motivation in Yourself

When we want to accomplish a goal in life there is always something that stop us, it can be an accident, money or even self belief. As humans we have a nature of doubting ourselves in believing that we can accomplish a lot.

Avoiding Worry – Jumping Clean Over It

Worry, we’re told, is a cancer of the mind and heart. It gets us nowhere and can only infest and infect our thinking, spoiling our relationship outcomes, inevitably. Jump clean over it.

How Can You Stay Motivated?

Motivation helps you accomplish tasks and goals and gives you energy. Lack of motivation brings you down and makes it hard to reach for success and things you want to achieve. The major difference between people who are motivated to success and those who are not, is attitude. Being a motivated person is partly behavior, which means you can do things to change.

Assessing Your Readiness For Change

How ready are you for change? Before making changes, you may want to check yourself to see how ready you are for change. Your readiness will affect your ability to change. Start by asking yourself these questions for a quick assessment.

Be Proactive – Show Up, Pay Attention, Take Positive Action

Showing up is half the battle. Paying attention and taking positive action is the rest. Here are some How To’s of becoming action oriented and in charge of your life.

Overcoming Boredom at Home

Have you ever reached the point where you feel you have absolutely nothing to do? Does it seem like you are tired of doing your usual things and you want to try new adventurous activities? Yes? Then, boredom is indeed killing you. But do not fret, because as you read on, you will find out that there are a lot of things to do in the four corners of your home.

I Hate My Job – How Can I Find the Work I Was Born to Do?

Are you unhappy with your work or your life and wish you could find your true purpose – your reason for being here? The good news is that the clues to your ideal life are present in your life already. You just need to know where to look.

Overcoming Laziness

This article is going to be about overcoming laziness or perceived laziness. We have all had those days that it does not matter what you do you just can not get going. You feel tired even though you made it a point to get to bed early or maybe you just feel like you are walking around in a cloud.

Motivational Speakers Outside of Business – Affecting Disaffected Youth

Motivational speakers have a definite place in the effort to reduce the amount of violent crimes committed by young people. Read on and find out why.

Failure is Not an Option

Have you discovered your passion? Are you desiring to be a winner, but just can’t seem to shake the failure bug? Then I invite you to read on, and gain added insight, to place you on the track to success.

Emotional Intelligence and Compassion

Emotional Intelligence and skills in understanding emotions are highly powerful in coaching, which is why we decided to include it as part of our NLP Master Practitioner training in January 2009. We have been successfully training our NLP students at emotional intelligence based coaching for over a year now with great success. Last Christmas it was 5 years ago when the Tsunami hit.

Do You Want More Motivation?

Motivation is desired by almost everyone. It is important if tasks are to be completed and goals are to be met. Self-determination theory by Ryan and Deci is the most accepted motivation theory at this time. It describes motivation as a continuum of different levels that are related to three human needs. The importance of choosing appropriate goals is discussed in the six tips that are given to increase your motivation.

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