BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Speech

How to Develop a Sense of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose in life goes a long way to boost confidence. You were born to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. You were not created to live in a vacuum.

An Easy And Effective Way To Improve Your Confidence

Many of us generally feel great, relieved and grateful when we leave the past behind, where we gladly and happily approach and enter a new year. We tend to look at the beginning of a new year as a new era, as an opportunity for us to recoup and regenerate, an opportunity for us to re-evaluate our lives and where we are now. We sit back and analyze where we went wrong and remembering with happiness where we went right.

Give Yourself the Present of Being Present

Have you noticed how GOOD you have it? How ABUNDANT your life really is? Or are you stressing about holiday hutsle and bustle? I remember plenty of years where I MISSED the holiday, the season and everything that was really great and precious because I was focused on everything I thought I didn’t have like:

Refocus Your Intentions For 2008

When the New Year rolls around, we all make promises and resolutions for a healthier, happier New Year. And then just like that, the momentum we initially had starts to wain and our intentions begin to fade.

What Have You Got To Lose By Reading One More Self Improvement Article?

There are a variety of self improvement articles available nowadays. You may be thinking that this is one of those, obviously. What have you got to lose by reading one more self improvement article?

Here Are Five Ways To Be Rich

By now, you probably know if you were born in a rich family or not. If you were not born in a rich family, my guess is that it’s already too late for that to happen in your life. Don’t despair, you are in the majority of people…

The Good News About Change

The good news about growing older is that we begin to realize that the sky’s the limit. Yes, we can do just about anything we want to. That’s easier than it sounds, you may say. But when we listen to our internal wisdom, we can give ourselves permission to make changes in our lives. Changing our thinking even to a tiny degree begins the process of change.

Getting Unstuck Through Acknowledging The Past

Do you have lots of clothes and nothing to wear? A fridge full of food and nothing to eat? Is it too hard to make a decision? You might be stuck!

How to Have the Habit of Success – Ten Top Tips

There is one key message in this article. Here it is: When you do what successful people do, you will be successful.

Dealing With Rejection In Your Career – How To Use It To Your Advantage

Rejection in your career – such as an expected raise that didn’t occur, a promotion that didn’t materialize, etc. – is often the very thing you need to get ahead in your job… and life! Even the most famous, most successful people in the world have been rejected.

How To Stay Motivated Forever

Do you ever get blank stares when trying to explain your dreams to friends and family? It’s all to do with belief systems. Let me explain what I learned in Jim Francis’s amazing mind power research which is so obvious, yet many of us miss it.

Mind Power – Destroy Frustration and Succeed in Attaining Your Goals

I am sure that you have thought about what is hindering you from the happiness that you always wanted. If you think hard enough, you realize that you yourself is the sole culprit for your unhappiness. Find it unbelievable; convince yourself by reflecting on your life. You will find that you have always looked in the wrong places for happiness.

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