Reading Motivational Books – How to Get the Most Out of Them

My advice to you on reading motivational books would be, don’t read them. You don’t read a motivational book, you study it. Motivational books have to be studied thoroughly if you hope to get anything out of them.

5 Steps to Get Moving

What have you been putting off? Do you find change scary?

3 Tips For High Motivation

High motivation levels are easy to maintain when you use factors to your advantage. Use these three tips to maintain high levels of motivation.

How to Motivate Children

I was visiting a friend’s house recently and was intrigued by a handmade poster on the kitchen door. It was drawn in brightly coloured wax crayons and had two columns. On the left hand side the column was titled “Good” and had a big smiley face next to it.

To Thine Own Self Be True Blue

When deciding what goals to set always remain true blue. If you really want to be at home raising your children then listen to yourself and never mind the opinions of others. If you want to home school – do it. If you want a new job, promotion, education credentials – just do it!

Opportunity, Possibility, and Living Your Best Life

Do you miss opportunities? When we are busy and trying to get a lot done, it’s easy to fall into a mindset that limits our outcome and our opportunities before we even begin. Far too many times we set our expectations by thinking about what we’d be “okay with” instead of by thinking about what we really truly want. We got locked into a mindset we call “practicality” and eliminate possibilities because we assume that we don’t have the keys to doors that we aren’t even sure are locked. In this “practical” mindset we eliminate possibilities without even considering them because they don’t seem like the most likely outcome or because we don’t have a clear idea of how we would make them happen.

Motivation Solution – Give Your Motivation a Boost – Remember That Practice Makes Permanent

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that practice makes perfect, right? Well, I don’t believe that there is any perfection and instead of shooting for perfection, I’m an advocate of practicing those things you want to make a permanent part of your thinking, behaviour and life style success.

Motivation Solution – Master the 6 Essential Skills For Maintaining Your Motivation

There’s something that seems to be elusive to so many that we all need to be successful in life and everyone wants to learn how to keep it or at best how not to lose it so frequently. What is this elusive quality that I’m referring to? I’m talking about Motivation. There are lots of studies about motivation but I’d like to suggest six areas to focus on that will keep you and your motivation mojo in harmony for a good long while.

3 Keys to Staying Motivated

Motivation does not have to come and go for you. You can maintain high motivation. Here are three keys to staying motivated.

Staying Motivated – One Simple Solution to Staying Motivated and Living a Full Life

Have you ever thought about what it means to be a motivated person? Like so many people, you probably have. On many many occasions I’ve been told that I’m a very motivated person. Years ago I used to shrug my shoulders at this comment because I took it for granted.

3 Tips to Getting and Staying Motivated

Motivation works from the inside out. If you take the proper steps you can motivate yourself to take the actions necessary for achieving your dreams. These are three tips for getting and staying motivated.

3 Tips For Gaining Inspiration to Stay Motivated

Gain inspiration and keep it with these 3 tips. Learn simple ways for maintaining your motivation.

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