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How Do You Stay So Motivated?

I have many wonderful opportunities to meet with people from all walks of life. I meet some top executives during my corporate consultancy work with major organisations and, I meet many individuals, from diverse backgrounds, during my seminars and clinic sessions.

The Key To Getting What You Want In Life

I recently read a quote that really fits in with my ethos, “Life is like a grindstone, it can grind you down or polish you up”. Why? Because I believe the same wind blows on all of us, and it’s the difference in the difference that really makes the difference. What is the key to being “polished up”? What is the one thing that separates “I wish” to successes?

How I Deal With Overwhelm in 30 Minutes Or Less (& It Has Nothing to Do With Lists Or Prioritizing)

Overwhelm can come out of nowhere, or it can build over the course of hours or days. However it shows up, it feels like you have been hijacked by your emotions and thoughts. When it hits, overwhelm often leaves me with a sense of panic and maybe even a few skipped heart beats.

Design Your Destiny!

If you wish to scale new heights in life, you have to use every opportunity which comes your way. Those will become successful who never misses a single step when climbing the ladder of opportunities.

What Are You Waiting For? Create Your Life!

Do you want your life to be different, but you don’t seem to ever do anything about it? What is it you are waiting for? Create your life today!

Think About What Are You Thankful For

I want to stop today and write this article about what I am thankful for. The first thing that you should be doing in the morning when you wake up is to be grateful. Think about…

How to Stay Motivated in Life – 5 Motivational Tips That Work Like a Charm

Without motivation, you’ll be unable to make the most of your potential and you’ll find no happiness in what you’re doing. If you want to know how to stay motivated in life, apply the 5 motivational tips in this article.

The 7 Antidotes to Giving Up in Business For Professionals, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs

We see it all the time, don’t we? New hires not showing up for the first day of work without even a courtesy phone call. People leaving their struggling businesses in favor of the ‘safety’ of a full-time job.

Why We Get Stuck and Procrastinate – Changing From Anxiety to Calm

Procrastination is something most of us want to learn to stop. There is a way to move past anxiety that drives procrastination. Imagine doing something towards your goals every day, having the ability to stay on the course you choose. Here is an example of how to set no-fail goals. This advice might surprise you because it isn’t what you typically read about, but I have found it has worked in my life and also for the many clients I work with.

Why Many Motivational Articles and Speakers May Have the Opposite Effect on You

The problem with a lot of motivational quotes, articles and speakers is that they make it sound like you could be immortal, all powerful and rule the world. In their quest to be a great motivator, they try to empower you to “be anything you want to be” and will quote you anything and everything they need to tell you to make you feel like you could take on the world.

I Will Not Be Defeated, TODAY!

Ever get the distinct feeling time’s against you? I woke with this feeling one particular morning and I was so tempted to give up before I’d even started the day! Then I saw the enemy’s strategy–at the tactical level, no less-to merely suggest defeat through sheer perception of workload.

Motivation Tips – How to Keep Your Motivation High?

Earl Nightingale, one of the prophets of personal development industry, ha a famous saying: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or worthy ideal.” This definition means that achievement is not like a fixed point somewhere on the horizon. Instead it is something more like a journey.

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