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Steps That Lead To Positive Results

The purpose of this article is to address as well as inform and help people to think positive. The main body discusses ways we can improve our well being both physically and mentally and offers some sound advice that works when applied.

How To Demotivate Those You Work With

This tongue-in-cheek article deals with some of the ways employers and leaders inadvertently create demotivating environments. If this article describes your leadership style – you’re in trouble.

Procrastination – Nine Steps To An Easy Day

As a follow up to “Procrastinators Never Have an Easy Day,” let’s talk about steps to take to achieve that easy day – that day when accomplishment and achievement are reached – when the overhang of things waiting to be done is manageable, and guilt and remorse are replaced with optimism and confidence. That sure sounds good – and it can happen – starting today.

Persistence Creates Success

You can’t teach someone persistence. People will become sufficiently persistent to succeed only when their desire for their goal exceeds the pain and discomfort they have to endure in order to reach it.

Procrastinators Never Have An Easy Day

Pity the poor procrastinators. They never have an easy day. They can’t – with so many things hanging over their heads – and most of them are the most important things, or the things that are feared the most, or are seen as having to be done perfectly.

How to Beat Procrastination With Ease

Learn exactly how to overcome procrastination in the easiest and most powerful way possible. See for yourself how easy it can be to experience freedom from procrastination.

Tuna Sandwich

Every lunch time, a construction worker would open his sandwich up, look inside, and cry, “Oh, no! Not tuna again!”…


Are you experiencing a difficult time and perhaps considering giving up? The key to real, lasting success is Perseverance.


Entrepreneurs should realize one important thing about reading good books by smart people: When you read the words of a good author, you are thinking his thoughts!

Stumbling into the Future

So many of us are sitting at that great big T-intersection of life… looking right, looking left… one foot on the brake, one on the accelerator, checking the mirror… not exactly sure what the heck we’re doin’…

You Can Change Your Circumstances

Change is a natural part of life. That is exciting, because that means you are never really stuck in a rut. You may be in a rut, but you can change and get out of the rut!

Do You Want to Increase Engagement and Happiness?

Are you tired of feeling like you are going through the motions in life? How would things be different for you if you felt passionate about your life? Engagement is being involved in activities that attract and hold your attention. It creates positive emotions that build psychological resources. In the work place, it is critical for the employer and employee. Discover the key to being engaged. The rewards are tremendous.

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