Want A Simple, Powerful Question That Could Change Your Life?

Without my mentors, my path to heal, discover, and build a business that’s an expression of my purpose would have been a LOT harder, slower, and less enjoyable. There’s no question in my mind that my mentors have accelerated the process and made the journey a lot easier. And frankly, not all mentors are created equal…

Inspirational Message: Avoid Being A Pollyanna

I have been wondering why words of motivation only positively affect the minority of people. After some long and hard thinking and soul-searching I have come to several conclusions.

New You Day – Disclaimers / Guidelines

Remember the idea of a New You Day? It’s having an INSTANT reset or do-over anytime you experience a slight error in judgement – as opposed to waiting down the road to start over. In this article – I want to cover some of the disclaimers and guideline surrounding how to do that.

Finding Motivation When You Need It

Getting motivated is harder for some people then it is for others, it helps if you have a natural interest in the subject where you need the motivation. Being a trainer I have had the opportunity to witness many different personalities and what motivates them, and it is surprising how people actually get motivated.

New You Day – Why?

The very first step in the process of determining your New You Day Mentality is answering the question, “Why?” Another way of framing it would be to ask, “What’s the thing (Or things) that keeps you up at night? What keeps a fire in your belly? What keeps you laser-focused on the prize?”

The Story of the Humble Knife

What has the story of a humble knife to do with your life? This story is going to maximize your life and challenge you to move on to a higher height in personal success!

5 Steps To Ending Procrastination

I was at a party recently and ran into a woman I’ve known for years. She is a friend and a former client. As we stood talking over a tasty treat she told me that, despite the work we’ve done together, she still procrastinates. I replied…”Yeah, me too.” She looked at me, shocked and said, “I can’t believe it. You do so much! There’s NO WAY, you procrastinate.”

Have A Great Day

Getting your day off on the right foot seems impossible sometimes. You have high hopes for a good day and then 10 minutes after getting to work something goes wrong. Most of the time this “event” can be the beginning of a real bad day.

You Must Have the Will to Succeed – You Decide!

In my previous post, I gave you 12 Rules that you must absolutely apply if you want to be successful in your business. By the way, these 12 rules apply without distinction to any type of business, whatever it is Online or Offline.

Leave Your Mark

Imagine the place you work 20 years from now. Are they still in business? What is it like? What are the employees like? Does anybody know that you ever worked there? Did you make enough of an impact that people are still talking about it?

Methods to Finding the Source of Your Motivation

We all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. Whether it is a project that needs to be done for work, a chore to do at home, or a personal goal that needs to be accomplished, it takes a boost of motivation to get your started on the path to completion.

Secrets of the Motivational Superstars

What are the success secrets used by the top motivational experts? It turns out that they are in fundamental agreement.

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