Action Now, Procrastination Later

People are always amazed at how enthralled I become when watching an excellent movie. I become oblivious to anything and everything going on around me–much like an escape artist. The really great ones are etched in my mind forever, and help me to view life with more introspection.

The Only Path Through The Wilderness Of Life

The only way to really get through life is to be honest with yourself. That is easier said or written than done or practiced. But, it is the only real way to get through life in a good way.

How To Motivate Yourself To Walk The Road To Self Improvement

Learning how to motivate ourselves can make the difference between achieving self improvement goals vs. merely daydreaming about them. Most people would like to change something about their lives, whether it be to lose weight, reduce stress, exercise, eat healthier or any other type of physical or mental improvement. The reason most people stay frustrated, however, is because they feel their objectives are out of reach, with the end result seeming impossible to achieve. In their busy, hectic lives they feel unmotivated to get from point A to B, mainly due to the wall they see blocking their paths.

Famous Motivational Speakers

There are famous motivational speakers who have been included in the pages of history for they have made a mark to motivate people and strongly encourage them to strengthen their belief. These speakers range from presidents, dictators, the famous Nazi icon Adolf Hitler, to one of the most richest men on earth.

Nothing Happens Until There Is ACTION!

There was a very funny Aussie beer advertisement on TV that showed a group of mates standing together at a BBQ with one of them loudly voicing his opinion about how various things should be done. Finally someone challenged him to move beyond just talking to show the group how he could do everything so much better than others.

Acknowledge Your Positive Past

One of the most interesting discoveries made on my quest for personal growth was looking back into my past for positive reinforcement. Most of us tend to remember only our failures of the past. We remember them, dwell on them and let them beat us down.

Why Am I So Unmotivated?

This is a question that bamboozles many of us at certain junctures of life. What is a perfectly reasonable question still finds us stumped for an answer. Why, when life was so good, have things changed for the worse? There are three reasons attributed for a lack of drive; there are, therefore, three needs…

What You Can Do to Be More Motivated

Did you find it difficult to achieve your life goals, even when you know the purpose it is worth it? Maybe you’ve tried to push yourself to go forward with great energy, but has not been achieved as well. Instead of using the power of desire, you need motivation from yourself.

How to Handle Failure and Disappointment

It’s inevitable that at some point, we face failure and disappointment in our lives. It could be in our relationships, careers, business, studies, a driving test and so on. The most important thing is being able to move forward from that situation and not giving up on your goal, if it’s something you truly desire.

Success Is Not Always Straight Forward

How do you define success? Should it be defined by how successful you are in your relationships, your career, or your education? I recently met with my insurance agent, and he told me about a mentoring program his Alma Mater was sponsoring. He decided to take part, and one of the first questions his new mentee asked was, “How do I choose what profession to pursue, and how long will it take to become successful at it?”

Speakers For Culinary Seminars And Expos

Culinary seminars and expos are held once or twice a year to promote culinary schools and small food business. During these times a keynote speaker is hired to speak during the opening, some of the trainings, some of the seminars and during the closing of the expo or the conference.

The 3 K’s Of Coaching Philosophy

Coaching philosophies are the guiding post that each of us must continually go back to…whether it’s after a tough streak of losses, or recruiting, or practice planning. Essentially, our coaching philosophy is there to remind us why we do what we do, why we love what we do, and why we won’t stop doing what we do.

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