Best Evan Carmichael MOTIVATION (6 HOURS of Pure INSPIRATION!)

Awakening Your Life

Have you ever just looked at your life? Is it all that you wanted it to be? Could it be that your life is not “there” because you have been sleep and have not opened your eyes to what God has for you?

Moved to Move – Enhancing Motivation For Exercise

First, stop criticizing yourself. Calling yourself “lazy” or “fat” doesn’t help.

Follow Your Feelings

Follow your feelings; this is an attitude that has been the downfall of many people. Similar statements have passed through history but are set aside with the realization that social regulation is needed.

Responding to Your Wants Rather Than Reacting

Have you ever had the feeling that you are forcing yourself to be responsible? Do you know that you should do something and perceive that you just don’t feel like doing it? At times like these, it is easy to convince ourselves that we are unmotivated.

How Come You Are Successful and I Am Not?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Why is that person successful and I am not? What is so different about them?

What is Failure?

A failure is not achieving the desired end or ends. This definition simply means that a person did not achieve what they had set out to accomplish. It makes no judgment of the person performing the act.

Do You Wonder If You Are Irresistible?

The world is in desperate need of irresistible women: women who are willing to be bold, fully alive, enthusiastic, and expressive – regardless of the circumstance. Women who are not afraid to tell their truth and use their voice for what they believe. Women that honor their dreams and desire and that are courageous and contribute their ideas.

Motivational Quotes About Life to Help You Battle Life’s Challenges

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” Aptly observed by Bernice Johnson Reagon. Quotes like these hold more than a grain of truth and wisdom for people who find it difficult to battle life’s daily challenges.

How to End Procrastination and Move Yourself Into Motivation

The number one reason people are living a mediocre life is because they are always procrastinating on their dreams, their goals and their lives. Do you want to break out of this old limiting pattern and unleash your greatness? This article will show you how to do it.

This Should Motivate You To Reach Your Full Potential

Can’t afford a life coach? Take advantage of this free report. Do you spend more on your movie rentals than on your self improvement?

Do You Search For the Real?

After spending so many years in India I got used to the frequent electricity black-outs, the chaos, the filth and stench and when I came back again to reside in the western world I was amazed. I was amazed by how easily we are impatient about small things, so cosy and comfortable and so complacent about our easy lives.

Alphabet For Action

Affirm that you can do it. You can find a job. You can change careers. You can learn to work again.

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