Best Gabrielle Bernstein MOTIVATION (1 HOUR of Pure INSPIRATION)

Is Your Workplace Grinding You to a Halt?

Are you annoyed by the way in which things are turning out in your workplace? Do you work from home and are gradually finding no scope of motivating your inner self to continue with your selected work?

Release The Reality

Why, when society dictates the outcome, do we succumb to allowing people to hold us back? We have a choice each day to make a difference, starting with our life. Promote forgiveness, not anger. Educate instead of fight. Make a positive change for yourself and others.

How to Stay Motivated After Failure

Achieving our goals is not always easy. Sometimes we hit obstacles along the way that, at first glance seem like failure. Or maybe we feel we are not achieving our goals fast enough. The reality is that, no matter what our life journey is, life does go on around us, and at times, makes progress seem a little slower. During those times the successful person maintains focus and perseveres in the direction of his goal. Here are some tips that the successful person uses to stay motivated and accomplish what he or she wants.

Life Takes Place in a Decision!

Before my parents decided to bring ten children into the world, they were thinking about it. Before Al Copeland decided to start his Popeye’s fried chicken business, he was thinking about it.

A Grown Man Still Effected By Childhood Events

I was a grown man still effected by childhood events and as an ex-stutterer I was fed up with it! You see, as a child I went through some pretty rough times, but who has not right? Well the circumstance I had to deal with was severe stuttering. If you currently stutter, used to stutter or simply have a friend that went through the experience, you know how embarrassing it can be for a person with type of impediment; especially when a young group of people are not educated on the topic and blatantly laugh…

Building Momentum To Build Your Life

Momentum is something that we all need. It keeps us going and gives us the rush that we need to attain our biggest dreams. If you have a hard time building momentum it may mean that you are having a hard time getting to the place in your life that you would like to be.

Getting To Go By Letting Go

In a tug of war, what’s the most powerful thing you can do? I frequently pose this question to friends and others hung up on an issue, an expectation, a relationship, a hoped-for outcome, a stubborn notion, or almost anything. The answers to my tug-of-war question vary: pull harder, yank on the rope, or get someone to help me.

Does Listening to Motivational Speakers Really Make a Difference?

Americans spend $8 Billion dollars each year on positive, motivational, self help books, CD’s, and DVD’s. But does it really make a difference? Can the motivational speakers and success gurus really do what they claim? Will they make you richer, smarter, happier, and healthier? Read this article and you be the judge.

How to Stay Enthusiastic While Going For Your Dreams

Staying enthusiastic while going for your dreams can be difficult at times. The events of life, at times, have a way of interfering with our goals and can discourage us. However, if you are to achieve your goals, remaining enthusiastic and motivated is vitally important, especially in moments of discouragement. If you lack enthusiasm, you will give up, and your dreams will come to nothing.

Values – What Are They Really?

There is much use of the word ‘values’ in the personal development industry. It flies around as often as the word ‘coffee’. But on speaking to people who are just beginning their journey into self development, or others who are not qualified as coaches or NLP Practitioners, the word seems to be somewhat hollow. They nod and give a faint “mmm” at the mention of values, and then in secret they say to me, ‘Exactly what do you mean when you ask me about my values?’

Are You Absolutely Sure You Can Succeed in Reaching Your Goal?

Don’t do anything big if you don’t have absolute love of doing it. Don’t walk into the desert if you are not absolutely sure that you can go through it. Be unique. The website rule says you can either have ‘democracycom’ or ‘communistcom’ but you cannot have ‘cracycom’. If you do then how are we to know whether you are a democrat or a communist?

My Motivation – An Ode To Teaching

Real teaching is really fun and fulfilling. Here’s how one real teacher feels about real teaching.

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