How to Get Real and Lasting Motivation

Real genuine, deep and long lasting motivation comes from within when we are able to take action in line with something we care about. The days when you’ve been able to leap out of bed were the days when you knew you were going to be able to do something today that you really cared about, to be taking action in activity that was important to you.

Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind

You want to do so much but you don’t know where to start. Your mind is full of ideas, of ‘should do”,”must do”, “should have done”. You’ve got the feeling that your mind is boiling…

What People Really Want

Have you ever wondered what makes people do what they do, buy what they buy or simply go along with things? I have – and for the past many years I have been a student of people’s actions. I use this knowledge in my marketing efforts with more than acceptable results.

3 Techniques How To Create Unlimited Motivation

If you want to live a richer life, you must learn how to create motivation and stay motivated all the time. Staying in a motivated state is one of the keys to success. If you do not have the motivation and the drive, you will put things off and procrastinate, which is the main killer of all successes.

Secrets to Positive Self Talk

Curious on how to do a positive self talk? Find out more about it here.

Leaving a Legacy – 10 Power Thoughts on Your Destiny

How would you like to be remembered? Have you wondered why the people we still talk about today as great or bad people long after they departed still command a place in history. That is called legacy. You do have a say on what they will say about you. You are writing that script right. Live life the way you want it to be remembered. As for me, I have made a choice that I will not be anonymous.

Time Management: 10 Things Will Happen When You Respect and Value Time

The value of your time determines the value of your life; therefore if you live a life in which you waste time and do not redeem the time, you are probably living a life that is not delivering value to yourself and others. You need to respect time and you will have more of it at your disposal.

Planning – Ten Things About Planning Your Future

The first step towards success is a good plan. I’m talking about the possibility that you envision and the time you take to prepare and plan for it to come to pass. Let me take you back a little bit to when you were a little baby. When your parents were bringing you up they had plans for you. That is why they meticulously put thought into the kind of schools you would go to, the kind of friendships they would allow you to have. It was important that they prepared you for the vision that they saw, the possibility that you represented. They saw possibility and nurtured it. You would become a teacher, doctor, engineer or something someday. What plans do you have for yourself?

Transformation, Why Should Things Change?

Why is everyone suddenly talking about transformation? I have heard such new phrases as organizational transformation, community transformation, transformational leadership as well as personal transformation. I ask myself what animal is this that they call transformation. Tell me. What is it? Transformation is change, but then what kind of change, from where to what? For whom? Why change? Why shouldn’t things remain the way they have always been

Up And At Em!

If you woke up this morning breathing, CONGRATULATIONS! You have another chance at succeeding in network marketing and maybe collecting and saving for your future a one ounce silver American Eagle coin or two.

Be Pregnant With Possibilities

I had the honour of seeing Marianne Williamson live this week in Hollywood. First of all, it amazes me that I am living close enough to these types of venues that I can just drive over – yay! Second, going to see Marianne forces me to come out of my own “drama” and look at the world from a bigger perspective.

Commitment – 10 Power Quotes on Determination and Staying The Course

There is a huge difference between agreeing to do something and committing to do something. Determination and commitment if first and foremost a decision. Key decisions that have been in the pipeline need to be made and action taken. Businesses that do not decide and commit to an action plan and avail the resources necessary will be flattened by their competitors. Organizations that lack commitment will soon vanish. Individuals that do not have a sense of determination will become irrelevant and unattractive to opportunities. Be determined and committed to a cause and I will see you at the top.

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