Our Problems Are Only What We Make Them

Stop wallowing in negativity and giving problems more weight than they deserve. Make life what you want it to be! Write a new story!

You’re Broke, You’re A Loser, And You Could Care Less

Why Americans think they can be rich. But never will be. Discover how you can avoid this trap.

How To Stop Bad Habits Easily

Do you know that you can break any bad habit with self-hypnosis? Be it smoking or biting nails. You can also use it as self improvement. Lose weight, become more confident or improve your public speaking skills.

How To Get Started Toward Realizing Your Dreams – 3 Ways To Build The Courage To Live Your Dreams

Earning $100,000.00 or more per year has been a symbol for great earnings for several decades. While some people no longer consider that amount of money enough, most people in America are finding themselves far below the 100K benchmark. This Article has 3 simple steps that you can take to pump up your income, even if you are not a doctor or a lawyer.

Be the Change

Okay, here comes one of those wise old proverbs… it’s a little philosophical so pay attention “Stop wasting your life on crap you can’t change”. (Deep I know).

Make That Difference Today – How Taking Action is Vital to Your Success

Taking action is the difference between having what you want and not having what you want. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step. An article about taking action, why it is important if you want to succeed and how taking some action is always better than taking none.

Motivation Vs Inspiration

Discover the fundamental difference between motivation and inspiration, and why motivational programs usually don’t work. “My doctor says I need to lose some weight.”

How To Beat Procrastination – The Crucial First Step You Can Take Before You Sleep Tonight

One of the most powerful and destructive creativity killers is procrastination. How often do you find yourself involved in minor tasks that you’ve convinced yourself are urgent and can’t wait, rather than just getting down to creating what you really want to create? Read on to find the first step to beating procrastination you can take before you sleep tonight.

Self Motivation For The Creatively Self Employed

When you’re self employed you become both boss and employee. This dynamic sets up a whole set of inner relationships and rebellions that need to be handled with care. Particularly if your line of work is a creative one.

How To Beat Procrastination – Why “Why?” Is Not The Answer To Overcoming Procrastination

Once we admit that procrastination is something that seriously limits our ability to create freely, easily and to the heights and depths of our creative potential, the next obvious seems to be to find out WHY. Once you have the answer to that, you’ll never procrastinate again, right? Well, no. Read on to find out why asking “Why?” actually means you’ll procrastinate MORE, and discover the alternative approach to beating procrastination that works…

Write A Thank You Letter

When was the last time you told someone thank you by writing him or her a personalized letter? No, not a Hallmark generic greeting, but a unique message catered especially to that individual, to simply let them know how you feel about them.

How To Beat Procrastination – Recognising The Little “Justs” That Waste Years Of Your Life

At the time, “just” checking your email, making a snack, or reorganising your materials or work area seem to take up only tiny amounts of the time you could be creating. But add them up and the picture gets a lot more scary. How much time do you really lose through procrastination habits? Here’s the crucial first step you need to start overcoming procrastination today:

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