Best Grant Cardone MOTIVATION (5 HOURS of Pure INSPIRATION!)

Are You Self-Motivated?

Are you someone who has the ability to be self motivated without any trouble? Or do you struggle trying to keep on track and focused? Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find self motivation. If you are having this problem read on…

The Goliath You Must Kill

Life is full of ups and downs and takes a patient, strong and confident person to to excel and succeed in life. Life’s many problems are likened to a Goliath, which every human being that wishes to succeed in life must kill or overcome. It does not matter how little or poor you may look, but the truth is that every man or woman has a Goliath to fight and overcome.

Never Let Lack of Motivation Affect Your Life

With or without reason, we cannot continue living like hell. We must continue, must go on, and must move on. We must reinvigorate ourselves. However, as the old saying goes “if to do is as easy to say, churches would have been cathedrals, and houses would have been palaces.” It is not easy. But, it is not so impossible either.

Changing a Habit

Trying out a new habit can be hard at first. Stopping an old habit can be even harder. Have you ever tried trying a new habit or even breaking an old habit?

5 Ways to Minimize Stress

Are you tired of feeling like you are stressed all the time? Many of us are in debt up to our eyeballs, one step away from being laid off, stuck in a bad working environment, or worried about our future.

I’m Lost, What’s Next?

Remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn. You will just have to hang in there. And dawn will surely come.

Productivity and Motivation – The Unemployment Blues

So, how long has it been? Two months? Six months?

Make Every Day a Celebration Day

Why make every day a celebration day? Seems like the past couple of days I’ve had an over-stimulated reticular activating system.

The ‘Do Not Do’ List

In brain science it is taught not to use the word “don’t” because the mind does not accept the word, and instead whatever follows is exactly what you end up doing. Life well lived is best viewed as a journey, not a destination.

7 Steps to Staying Motivated

Motivation is one of those vague catchall words that mean completely different things to different people. We often hear these phrases, “If only I was more motivated, I’d get a lot more done.” 
”I get completely demotivated when I’m not appreciated.” And many wonder what is it that keeps people motivated? Like it or not, there are are human needs that scream out to be addressed- like the need to be appreciated, admired, contribution, being heard, doing something useful, receiving praise and acknowledgment, having their skills developed, having personal satisfaction of a job well done, or having competed and achieved a goal.

Have You Added Value Lately?

This morning, as I toiled away installing more features and functions to my website, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this thought, “Have I added value to MYSELF lately?” How often do we work on our businesses, projects and hobbies, thinking that those things somehow define who we are? For example, there are times I get so caught up in creating added value for my blog that my family gets pushed aside.

Let’s Not Get Too Comfortable

Life should resemble a flowing stream for there is so much more one can achieve from doing so. Are you flowing towards all the directions you want to? Or are you limiting yourself because you feel ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable’ being where you are?

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