The Ox and the Fly

I woke up today with a stuffy nose. A tickle in my throat and feeling less than 100%. It seems I’ve come down with a cold.

Getting the Motivation to Run

It is widely accepted that running helps improve health. Yet, many people aren’t motivated enough to do it regularly. If you would like to run more, but lack the motivation to do so, here are a few tips on how to find some.

Past Support – Honoring Those Who’ve Supported Us Along Our Path

Many of you have probably already heard by now of the passing of Jaime Escalante (he died last Tuesday of cancer at the age of 79), the teacher who was celebrated in the film “Stand and Deliver.” If you recall, this teacher was one who pushed his students to excel, encouraging them to do things that many others had told them were impossible, and supporting them incredibly (including defending the students’ honor when they were accused of cheating).

3 Words Can Change Your Outlook (And Your Life)

Who are you? Have you ever noticed that no one ever asks you that? People ask you all the time “what do you do?” They never ask “who are you?” We live our lives by giving ourselves and others labels and we spew concepts in the form of “elevator speeches.” But neither labels nor “30 second commercials” tell me a damn thing about who you are. What is wrong with that you ask? What is wrong with that is that people do not have relationships with concepts… people have relationships with people. So, how do you separate ‘who I am’ from ‘what I do?’

Why “Rah Rah” Seminars Don’t Work

The inherent weakness of motivational seminars is that the ‘rah, rah’ is impossible to maintain over the long term. There is a better way. And it’s all based around setting up the right rituals.

Successful Sabotage

Part of turning your upside down world right side up involves transforming those bad things in your life into great. Take “sabotage” for example.

How Do I Work Through Conflict?

Addressing conflict can be challenging for many of us. Many times we either ‘fight’ or ‘fly’ depending on how we were raised and how we saw our families of origin deal with issues. ‘Fighting’ and ‘flying’ both lead to alienation and these are aggressive and passive responses respectively.

Willpower – How it Works and How to Get it to Work For You

Willpower – the mental act of making a decision and sticking with it – is a limited mental resource. Many individuals simply do not possess the presence of mind to sustain long-term goals.

What Does it Take to Motivate You?

Over the past several days it has occurred to me that I move from being motivated to continue this business to “what have I done!” I am sure more of you feel the same way. I watch as those new distributors rocket out of the shoot and get to first base before anyone can blink an eye. Most of these fast starters eventually cannot keep up the pace but still earn a good income.

Mistake People Make When Momentum is Low

A lot of times in life you won’t feel like taking action and pushing yourself, these times can be really hard on you if you are used to taking action and constantly pushing yourself. However, you should start seeing these times as a great opportunity for you to grow as a person and build some really nice habits. One of the hardest things to learn in life is to continue taking action even when you don’t feel like it.

Mistakes of Procrastination

Anyone who has been taking action and working towards their goals for an extended amount of time knows that procrastination is one of the biggest motivation and result killers. Procrastination occurs in our society every single day and a lot of people’s lives are actually controlled entirely by this phenomenon. We have all tried when the feelings of procrastination hit us and try to convince us that it will be a lot better to wait for a better time to take action.

Breaking Bad Habits to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Working against our having healthy and meaningful lives, bad habits are something that we do often. A wide variety of bad habits could be keeping us down, including smoking, being overly critical, overeating, too little exercise, or shopping compulsively. Likely every reader could say without much doubt that you possess one or more bad habits that you wish you could alter, and likely many such bad habits.

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