Ace’s Insights – Let’s Become Time

Becoming time is not difficult. it’s like entering a flowing stream and allowing ourselves to drift along with it. As we flow with the river, the water that appeared to be rushing past-

Short Sleeves Insights – Let’s Be Childlike

YOu can understand and relate to most people better if you lookat them- no matter how old or impressive they may be- as if they are children. For most of us never really grow up or mature all that much- we simply grow taller.

Mentally Passing A Driving Test

When preparing for a driving test, you should try getting enough sleep the night before to help you fell refreshed and relaxed the following day. Getting enough sleep would guarantee that your concentration is at its best. To be mentally prepared for your driving test, you should review what you have learned at least two days before. You can even ask a friend to help you with your reviews.

Your Life – A Mistake Or A Miracle?

Let your life revolve around what it is that you have on offer for this world, and not around how sad and unfair life is treating you! Be involved in re-dis-covering your spiritual core, your true nature. This is a way of life that will bring you joy, love, health and satisfaction!

The Permanence of Change – Get Better or Get Beaten

Change is the only thing that is permanent in the world. People talk about seed time and harvest time but fail to include the transition law of change or growing time. Change is the heart beat of all spiritual development, personal power, self-direction and personal achievement. If you don’t embrace change, change will embarrass you.

The Secret – The Four Gentlemen Who Created A Beautiful World

Four gentlemen visited me in my office.They came to say goodbye to me. They did not want to be part of this world.. They blamed me for their departure from this world… “It is a shame that individuals like you are forcing us to leave this world. We came here with a noble intention but it seems that you are not interested in us at all . You will suffer all along your life Vish. We curse you……”

Be a Quitter Like Me

How to be successful – by being a Quitter! Quit your way to success by following these 5 steps.

All Things Are Possible – Breaking Barriers and Living Your Dreams

Paul Davis knows how to break barriers and make dreams come true. He is a living force in the earth taking people from fantasy into reality elegantly and boldly. Learn how to break limitations and live your dreams!

Mental Self Help – The Secret of Positive Self Talk

Your self talk, the conversation that you carry on with yourself almost continually, is a vital component of your mental state. If your self talk is predominantly negative – “I can’t do…”, “I’m unhappy” – you will be unhappy, have low motivation and low self esteem. If you self talk is mainly positive, the opposite will be true. You can use mental self help to change your self talk from positive to negative…

What You Get When You Get Serious

1. Set a major goal, but follow a specific path. The path may have several hills to climb but as you reach the top of each one you will learn success and this will drive you to continue and challenge yourself even more. It’s what you get when you get serious.

Composer And Musician – The Magnificent Deaf Master

Beethoven gave his first public performance when he was eight years old. The talented young prodigy had his first music published in 1782.

The Art of Changing Your Mind Before You Change Your Life

In a recent issue of my newsletter, Lifestyle and Workstyle REFLECTIONS, I touched upon the concept of a strategic lifestyle plan. Much like the strategy an entrepreneur might use to develop a sound business model, the strategic lifestyle plan serves as a tool to manage one’s life more effectively. The key, of course, being that the lifestyle one carves out for oneself is harmoniously aligned with one’s values, goals and priorities.

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