Make Fast Money Legally and Never Look Back!

Is it time to change your circumstances? I’ve heard it said that the measure of a person’s self-esteem comes down to one all-important question: Do you feel like you’re controlling events, or like events are controlling you? If you’d seriously like to make fast money legally and never look back, then you have got to control events. You must be proactive! I’ll make you a deal right now. If you supply the will, then I’ll supply the way.

Hindrances Or Excuses?

I remember those days when we were teens and we had these “House Chores” in the house, and sometimes you were not able to do them, or forgot them or even maybe just totally took them for granted because you had to go out with your friends or maybe even ex-girlfriend. By the time you get home you suddenly remember OOPS!

Today is the Day to Make Magnificent!

Did you know that the only thing that stops it from being wonderful is your thinking? Your thinking can turn a glorious day into a gloomy one in any given moment. Perhaps it’s raining or you’re late for work. It’s another day at the office and maybe you have a stack of papers to go through and dozens of emails to read. Possibly you’re worried about finances and your future or you lost your job.

You Have the Secret to Living Your Dreams!

Do you know what is holding you back? What have you been waiting to do, but aren’t doing? Perhaps it’s exercising more, eating healthier, starting your own business, cutting back your hours at the office, making more time for you, your family and/or friends, asking for a raise, financial security, engaging in or leaving a job or relationship, communicating better in a present or past relationship etc. Want the secret?

Start Your New Year Today!

Are you waiting for New Years to begin a new life and start accomplishing new goals? Try something new for a change. Whatever day you are reading this, let this be the day you begin your new and exciting life. As you well know, the “New Year’s” feeling only lasts about 30 days. Here’s how you can live a greatness life starting today.

How to Reignite Your Vision For Life

Got a great idea but you can’t seem to get started? You need motivation! How can you discover a motive to succeed? What can stimulate your interest to pursue your dream? I will show you critical keys to accomplishing this.

Reflecting on Our Blessings

We’re all affected, some teetering on the edge of hope, some finding the silver lining, some succumbing to fear, and some not even knowing yet how they’re affected. I’m remaining in the silver lining camp. It’s always the best way to raise your vibration. Finding that quiet, calm place and looking at the long term, bigger picture, the one in which I’m the creator of my universe.

Own Your Life Or Your Life Will Own You

The article, Own Your Life, is based on the Law of Accountability. This principle says that you and you alone, are responsible and accountable for everything that happens in your life. Having a definite vision and purpose for your life, increases the odds that you will live your life as you choose versus living someone else’s dream or vision. Your decisions, your achievements and set-backs are yours and no one else’s.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Our character is defined and our lives are determined not by what we want, say or think, but by what we do. I frequently think of writing thank-you notes, birthday wishes and letters of praise. Unfortunately, only a sad few of these good sentiments ever make it to paper. Still, if I don’t look too closely, I can delude myself into thinking that based on my good intentions; I’m a gracious and grateful person. A truer picture of my character is drawn by my actions.

You Can’t Have a New Year With an “Old” You (Awaken the Power That Converts Resolutions Into Fact!)

If you do nothing new, things stay the same, and your life just keeps going in the “same old, same old” direction. That’s why you must make some targeted inner changes, so this year…you can come to decidedly ACHIEVE your goals and resolutions for the new year (and for the rest of your life for that matter!) What can you do? This article spells it out. What MUST you do so, this year, you follow all-the-way-through with achieving your outcomes? This article gives you the 9 proven factors to you becoming a goal/resolution SUCCESS materializer! Enjoy…and prosper!

Is T Harv Eker The Real Deal?

Okay, I’m 40 and I know it’s supposed to be the new 30, but I never believed that and beyond that; I though my life blueprint was set! T. Harv Eker, a person I somewhat skeptically felt just wanted my seminar money proved me wrong.

Motivation – The One Unique Factor For Success, Especially When it Comes to Eating Well

“Motivation, in psychology, the intention of achieving a goal, leading to goal-directed behavior. Some human activity seems to be best explained by postulating an inner directing drive. Cognitive psychologists such as Albert Bandura have suggested that individual mental processes, such as beliefs, play an important role in motivation, through the expectation of certain reinforcements for certain behaviors.

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