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How to Develop Dogged Persistence

Have you passed the persistence test? Follow these tips to develop dogged persistence.

Why Not?

My essay is about a Harvard law graduate who left a career as an attorney making over six figures to join Teach For America (TFA). At the age of 25, I made double what my parents had made in a lifetime but felt deep emotional strife and void in my life. In spite of criticism from family and friends and huge financial loss, I became a teacher in the inner city. My story is an inspiration to all who desire change in their lives but constantly battle with themselves and others about whether to take a leap of faith and do something different.

Motivation – 5 Simple Ways to Keep Ourselves Motivated

There are always internal or external factors which will make us feel down. This article shows you five simple steps to keep our motivation up.

10 Tips to Jumpstart Your Life – Now!

This article offers 10 tips to readers to help them find success. These tips are easy to follow and will produce results.

Discover 4 Killers of Motivation

Covering the four easiest and most common traps to fall into. Any of these will take your energy and motivation away and leave you with the wrong mindset. Learn how to avoid these and stay on track.

How to Build a Fire Under Your Desire

Desire is the starting point of achievement. To get things done quickly adopt a burning desire to become accomplished. Follow these tips to build a fire under your desire.

3 Golden Rules of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is a very significant tool to push company’s progress by instilling enthusiasm in employees. In this increasing business competition, all companies wish to drive their employees with high level of energy and commitment that is keenly required for success. There are many methods and theories implied for motivating employees.

Self Help Tips to Motivation

First up, let’s get one thing clear. You can go and listen to every motivational speaker in the country, but at the end of the day they can only encourage, the only person who can motivate you is you.

My Fallen Hero

Walter Mitty has been my hero ever since I was a freshman in high school. He could do anything-anytime and anyplace. He was a brilliant surgeon, a fearless Navy boat Commander, a brave war time airplane pilot, and a skilled marksman. He was perfect.

Types of Team Motivation

Types of team motivation will help you learn ways to motivate your team through varied team activities. This will further lead to improvement and productivity.

Thoughts Concerning Life

Life: is it really what you make it to be? Someone told me if it I give, somewhere down the road I will get a great return. As a mater of fact, he put it in these words. He said it will come back to me good measures, press down, shaken together and running over.

Change Your Life – Take the First Step

Once you make a solid commitment to pull yourself out of the gutter, there are many ways you can change your life and live your dreams. Your accomplishments may not match your dream exactly, but in the end, you will definitely achieve the success you desire.

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