Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER – FOCUS ON YOU

How To Increase Your Energy, Enthusiasm And Reduce Stress

Discover 15 proven and easy tips you can apply immediately for increasing your energy and reducing stress. Especially if you’re in a position of leadership such as manager, business owner or supervisor. Remember: You are their role model. You set the standard!

Make It Happen

Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT! Find out what separates the two and join the more fulfilling side.

Learning How to Learn, through NLP

I don’t think you know how to learn. In fact, many people don’t. Why is this so?

The Power Of Focus

What would you say if someone told your focus was the key to success. Would you agree ? What if someone told you multitasking could be destroying your chances of success ? Beleive it or not, its true and its an issue we all need to tackel.

The Keys To Leveraging Any Motivation System

Wouldn’t you like to be able to motivate yourself? Imagine how much it would help you achvieve. Have you tried motivation methods, but they don’t seem to work for you? You need to understand the three keys to motivation-

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Children, especially in America, are pressured since the age of 4 or 5 to decide what they will do with themselves when they are 21 or 22. We spend our young days playing house or dressing up as a policeman or as a teacher. And suddenly that day arrives when we are no longer playing house or playing doctor (although we did bring back those games in college), but we are forced to actually pay bills, find an apartment and become a young professional.

Motivation – The Energy Behind Action

Many people think motivation is just an emotion, or a thought. Its not! Motivation is the energy behind action. No motivation and your actions are empty; without substance. However, if you add motivation to your actions, they become powerful and effective.

Show Up Center Stage To Be In The Spotlight Of Your Life

The key to living authentically is to make yourself the center of your own life. Here are some tips that will help you care for yourself and in doing so invest more in the people in your life.

Color Outside the Lines

When we get stuck and all the old ways just don’t fix it anymore, it’s time to ‘color outside the lines’. This means trying something new. A new hairstyle, a new place to jog, anything brand new. We have to change our approach to life, something is not working.

The Now Habit

Get procrastination under control by learning to live in the now. Learn how to get your mind conditioned to doing things now without delay and without procrastination.

Goals And Motivation A Simple Formula

Personal motivation is one of the most important issues there is for salespeople. Research has concluded that everyone has the potential for great motivation, but not everyone is willing to pay the motivational price to achieve whatever their dreams, desires or hopes are. A critical question that many people never really ask themselves is: what motivates me? What are some of the traditional motivators:

SOS For Holistic Practictioners

Why Do Holistic Practitioners Not Earn Their Worth Fear of rejection stops us taking steps towards our goals, even though the changes we want to make will bring more happiness by considerably enhancing our lives.

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