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Committed to the Dream or the Fear?

Are you committed to the dream or the fear of never having it? Your thoughts about this will directly set the course for your outcome. Learn about the choices you have in this decision and how quickly changing your thinking can truly change your life.

What Does Self Motivation Mean to You?

At first it may seem like an odd question, but if you think about it it’s not odd at all. Even before deciding what you hope to gain from self-help, and what benefits you expect to receive, thinking about what the entire concept of Self Motivation means to you will make it more likely for you to attain the results you want.

Fixing Procrastination – “Do it Now”

I was in an important meeting recently with my mobile phone on silent when a number I recognised rang three times in quick succession without leaving a message. This gave me the feeling this person felt they really needed to speak with me. On the final call, I picked up, to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else.

This Time of Year

Do we really feel like celebrating? Well, we must. We must decide to be beacons of light even in the face of a seeming distressed economy.

Are You Stuck in the Rut?

Change is inevitable and more often than not it brings a breath of fresh air and new experiences which only add miles to our journey through life. The road of life is filled with twists and turns, we must be ready to negotiate them and move on. Make a positive change today! That will affect you and your loved ones. You are your strongest and most faithful cheerleader so pat your self on the back form time to time and give a good cheer.

Time to Take Action

Action is known as the ingredient that ensures results. No Action, No Result. Simple as that! Many people plan and talk about what they want to do, but when it comes to actually doing something, They do nothing!

Keeping Motivated – Your Key to Success

If there is one single key to my success as an Internet marketer, it’s Motivation. I’m saying to you right now, even though I don’t know you personally, that your motivation will ultimately decide how successful you are in this business.

Boosting Self Morale

For conducting life, a certain amount of motivation is required. For a person to perform daily needs it is important to cut the routine and add a few elements of interesting things so that the monotony does not affect life. Actually problems get solved themselves if we continue to live with a lot of positive behavior. Read this article and find out ways of boosting your self morale.

Persistence – 3 Tips For Strengthening It

Persistence is a vital ingredient in your success or failure. If you don’t have enough perseverance then you will most certainly fail. However if you are able to weather the storm in the face of trials, heart aches and disappointments while pursuing your goals you will eventually meet with success. Here are 3 tips for strengthening your persistence.

How to Motivate Yourself

Even when things are going well, we need to make sure that we get and stay motivated. And now, when many are finding the going tough, self-motivation is even more important. Affirmation – often recommended as a way to “turn yourself on” – won’t do it. Positive thinking won’t do it. You need to start a dialogue with your inner self – because if you can get past your habitual behaviour into your subconscious mind – then, you’re on a winner.

Iron Will – An Insight Into the Power of Mental Toughness!

Whatever you want to call it guts, pride, fight, or having balls they all define what we know as mental toughness! This is a trait that not all of us have and few have come to know. Read on to see if you qualify.

Why Not Try Magic? The Magic of Repetition

The miracle of repetition is that through repeated action, the practice itself becomes self-generative. New ways of thinking and habits are created. “It” becomes natural – you don’t question whether you will or won’t. The effects of the practice become exponential.

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