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Traveling The Yellow Brick Road

I am not the Wizard of Oz, just to be clear, however I would like to ask you – are you traveling your path to tomorrow awake, asleep, with passion, with apathy or just not quite sure? Many years ago when my youngest daughter was only five she knew every word in the entire movie and would often entertain us with her performances. These were special times with wonderful memories, but I digress.

Life’s Basics To Achieve Success And Happiness

Life is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either – so why the paradox? There are common reasons why people struggle during their life and then there are the opposite of these traits or attitudes that contribute to people’s inner peace, happiness, success and contentment. What are the most common reasons why people achieve the positive benefits of life regardless of what they face during their years? There are many, but here are what I believe are the basics.

Professionals In Waiting

1) How long after an interview should we expect a call back from a potential employer? 2) When should you call to follow up? 3) How did you do on the interview? The employer hinted at their possible interest in you, now what? 4) These questions represent only a few of the crazy makers that run through our minds after an interview. So, what SHOULD you do? 5) How can you avoid the torments that come with waiting on an decision that appears to determine your financial future?

It’s Not Okay to Go Half Way!

Today, I was running up a hill on my daily workout, it is a really tough hill, everyone thinks so. It’s definitely a challenge, but that’s why I like it. When I see others in their struggle to get up that hill, I always cheer them on, whether they are on a bicycle, walking, or jogging; “Take that Hill!” I shout. They smile, some say; “I hate this hill” others say; “Yes, this is a great hill” and I suppose it’s all in how you look at it. Why do we climb it with such vigor and determination; because it’s there. Let’s talk.

Wisdom Is Found In The Silence

We live in a noisy world and it’s getting worse. Not being negative here -just dealing in reality. What do I mean by noisy?

Goals – How Important Are They?

Goals – how many times have we heard how important they are? There are many different types of goals, some are personal and about getting something you really want, some are focused on a bigger picture, creating something for others; all will impact the world in some way. And all are part of the bigger picture of why you are here. This article explores goals and how we can set positive and powerful ones.

Do Not Allow Life’s Difficulties to Make Your Life Difficult

If we were to always look the way we feel inside, we would always be pronouncing doom and gloom wherever we go. If we were to always dress the way we feel, we would only be depressing ourselves even more and we would never get to enjoy life. Why live in a perpetual state of distress and sadness when we could be living up and enjoying our life? Worrying, stressing, looking emaciated and forlorn because some things may not be right in our life is not going to make those things better nor is it going to help us. We need to have a positive and uplifting countenance and we will be able to open up ourselves to a better solution or a better way through whatever we are going through. Life should never be a difficult place to live in.

Why You Need Motivation? Motivate Yourself for The Change

The process of change is continuous and sometimes we need enough motivation to keep it going.The journey of change needs its fuel to last, and its fuel is constant motivation.

The Myth Of The Quick Fix

Why is it that so many people today are in such a hurry to change things, fix things and get nowhere fast? Seriously, what’s the rush? No one can know what will happen in the next minute, day or year so why is humanity trying to take total control of the future?

The Law of Attraction: What Are You Putting Your Focus On?

Many of us have heard of the law of attraction and the power of our thoughts. But have you ever looked at your life and wondered why it doesn’t always match what you really want?

Your Core Values

When you are crystal clear on what your core values are, you have a concrete and tangible way to make decisions. Have you ever known someone who was indecisive, seemed confused, kept changing her mind, or continually made decisions that did not support her? That happens when we are not clear on what our values actually are.

Are You Making A Difference?

Everyone can make a positive difference in the world and you don’t have to be famous, wealthy or the smartest person in the room. Every day each of us touches the lives of others; friends, family, co-workers, customers and total strangers. Have you ever considered how many people in life you interact with each day in some way? The question is do you have a positive or negative impact on the people whose lives you touch?

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