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4 Quick Fire Strategies For Winning The Job Of Your Dreams

If you are currently unemployed, or if you wish to change career, the following guidance will greatly improve your chances of getting your dream job. Whatever you do, when you apply for a specific job or career, follow these strategies and you will soon find that success is just around the corner.

It’s Time for You to Come Alive!

You have been authentically created and your life should be authentically expressed! You living your life passionately and sharing your gifts and talents is giving generously to the world around you. There is so much greatness within you – and you do the world a disservice if you choose not to express it.

Setting An Intention: The Key To Your Success

Setting an intention is so much more than “I intend to…” You have to know what is motivating you and use that to propel you to accomplish your goal. Learn the 7 stages to setting a successful intention.

Recognizing Your Personal Motivation

The thing with motivation is that it’s personal. Only you can decide what is going to motivate you or not. Will you be more motivated by pain or pleasure, reprimand or praise? Explore what gets your personal motivation on high charge.

Leap Above Boredom: How to Get Motivated Every Day, Quickly

This article shows you how to get motivated, quickly. There are many great drills that can easily be applied to your life.

What Is the Point in Looking Good?

Sometimes taking the time and making the effort to look good can feel like too much effort. After all, we are the same person inside, however we look. But is that true? Looking good can convey important information about ourselves and how we are feeling. Let us look at the importance of looking as good as we can.

Learn To Use Your Natural Motivation

Motivation is one of those illusive topics that nobody really understands. It is the most fundamental reason why any of us do what we do, yet psychologists to neurologists to biologists still have yet to figure out what really makes people tick. Despite the fact that we don’t know why certain things motivate us and why other things don’t, if we can figure out our main motivators then we can use that information to our advantage.

How To Remain Hopeful in the Midst of the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression – Part 3

In parts one and two, I covered the troubles we face in this current economic climate, recounted historical similarities to similar economic problems in our past, and discussed how faith, hope and clarity of mind are needed to help us work through these problems. In this, the final part of this three part series, I will give you a couple of pointers that I would like to share with you. Remember, starting over takes a lot of courage, confidence and determination.

How To Remain Hopeful in the Midst of the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression – Part 2

At the end of part one of this ongoing three part series, I asked some tough questions as to how do we remain hopeful in the New Year in the midst of such difficult economic times? How do we dig ourselves out of this economic hole, a once in a lifetime economic hole, and keep our motivation? Who cares about setting New Years resolutions when you’re filled with dread as to what the future holds for you? In parts two and three of this three part series, I intend to do my best to find an answer to these questions, so perhaps we can all remain hopeful as this economic nightmare plays itself out.

Should You Give Up?

Should you give up? Have you ever asked this question once or twice in your life time?

How To Remain Hopeful in the Midst of the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression – Part 1

The New Year brings change; it is like a fresh start that brings hope. Unfortunately, the closing of 2010 and the beginning of the year 2011, has found America as well as the entire Globe in difficult economic conditions which are sucking us into its chaos at a disturbing speed, making money scarce and credit harder to come by and more expensive. Many are seeking employment in a barren labor market, being fired, or simply fighting to hold onto jobs they already have. The disastrous economic baggage from one year to another continues to drag on with no end in sight, while people struggle with fixed overhead expenses, trying to support themselves and their families. How do we find that turn of the year hope and motivation that gets us through the Holidays when so many are hurting so badly and we all seemingly are affected by this once a century crisis?

The Facts of Procrastination and How to Beat It

Procrastination is something that affects everyone, whether you know it or not, and it’s one of the biggest obstacles that gets in the way of achieving your goals. Highly successful individuals of any profession or field know the best ways to deal with procrastination and you’ll never catch them wasting time with meaningless tasks. That is how they became successful, by learning how to deal with their procrastination. The good news is you can learn how to deal with it too.

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