You May Have Fallen, But Get Up

We all have fallen or will fall at some point in time in our life. There are many circumstances and situations that can and will cause a person to fall, lose their status, dignity or character in their life. Though, if you fall you don’t have to stay down, get up, do not let your fall, failures or lack of success keep you down. Use those negative circumstances to your advantage; turn your failures into successes.

Handicapped People Overcoming Obstacles to Become Great

What baffles me is how I see disabled people overcoming extreme obstacles. Yet many of us healthy people remain just average at best.

Are You Living Under Pressure?

How do you handle the pressure? In March 2007, I left work at about five o’clock eager to get home, turn on the television, make my favorite brand of hot Chai, relax and just enjoy my life. It was a pretty normal afternoon or so I thought!

Beat Yourself

A 76 year old Nepalese man reached the summit of Mount Everest (World’s Highest Mountain-29035 foot) on Sunday 25th, May, 2008 and became the oldest person to climb the world’s highest mountain. Min Bahadur Sherchan reached the 29035-foot summit early in the morning with his climbing guide. Sherchan was just 25 days away from his 77th birthday.

Motivation – The Light of the World?

Imagine how horrible and ugly things will be if not for the availability of Light. Even God, our maker felt uncomfortable with the sole existence of darkness at the inception of the world. This singular reason made Him decree that there should be light. Well, this is not a Bible class but, I thank God for the gift of light.

The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Motivation

Throughout the past couple of decades, many studies have been done regarding the physiological and psychological effects of motivation. In this article, we will explore the physiological and psychological effects of motivation.

Award Plaque – A Star of Tribute

The right award serves as a positive emotional reinforcement. Memories of great accomplishments will never fade away due to these treasured awards.

Break Down the Walls in Your Mind, and Unlock Your Financial Potential

Most people in life today find it very difficult to make ends meat. Especially with rising fuel and food costs and high interest rates.People end up selling their houses and cars to pay their debts.

Being Number One

Being number one is best received if one compares to he himself. If he compares himself to others, he not only causes miseries to himself if he cannot make it, he also set a wrong reference based on other’s expectations. Comparing to be number one, therefore, is correct if one compares with his own past to achieve the knowledge that he is a better person.

Your Commitment to Yourself is As Important As Your Commitment to Others

How good are you at keeping your word? Many of us try very hard to keep our commitments to others, but we often don’t do as well at following through on our own best intentions. This article looks at how you can make your commitment to others help you make commitments to yourself.

Sink Or Swim?

Do you ever feel weary and worn, like you are treading water at maximum capacity yet still drowning? What happens when we hit these moments in our lives? Do we sink or swim? Read more to find out how to stay afloat!

Motivation – The Best Time Management Technique I Have Ever Seen

There is this Universal bank account that nature gave to everybody. What we do with ours is purely up to us. We all have the same amount of money deposited in it irrespective of our status in the society (politically and economically). The most funny part of it all is that this account will always go in the RED at the end of the financial year (in this case time year) whether we spend it or not.

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