BEST SPEECH EVER – David Bayer On Overcoming Struggle and Unlocking Your Potential! 2021

You Don’t Have to Be the Dalai Lama to Tell People That Life’s About Change

Yesterday I picked up the phone and called a dear friend of mine. He was surprised that I called that particular time, because – as he told me – he had just finished the very last day of his job that he had had for 13 years.

What’s Really Important?

Why do we care so much about things that mean so little? Why is it we put so little time into the really important aspects of our lives?

Motivation – How to Get it, How to Keep it, and Why it Will Never Leave You

Time is constantly moving and so is everything else in this universe, therefore one must accept that to stay still is impossible. Motivation is action with a reason. A reason is what you believe to be true, the excuse you tell yourself, when you feel yourself falling behind. When you run out of reasons you begin to die and it is at this precise point you lack motivation.

Motivation – Internal and External Motivators

Your motivation to accomplish your goal comes from within. It is determined by your personal values and goals.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be Part of the World Around You

Everyone has experienced the “ups” and “downs” of life. It is how we treat these experiences that determine how far we succeed in life. When we fall off the horse and don’t get back on, we miss opportunities.

My Most Motivational Mottos to Live By

This article is a collection of my most motivational mottos to live by. As you read these mottos, it is important that you think of your own life. Do not simply look at the words and think of how they make sense. Rather, make sense of the words to your own situation.

On the Road to Success – Overcoming Disasters

During depressions and recessions, they say that a weak business will fail, a strong business will survive, and a smart business will prosper. Could this hold true with people who are on the road to success who are smacked in the face with a disaster?

Dream Big and Believe in Yourself

What makes people do some of the things we do as people? In this world, every thing that you could possibly think of exists; nothing is all good. Every thing in life has good and bad points about it. We have to intelligently think things through, but don’t over intellectualize.

Motivational Words – Mind That Self-Talk

The things a person says to themselves inside their own head, sets the tone for their actions, and thus motivational words can help steer thinking toward positive outcomes. If the inner chatter of positive thoughts leads to positive actions and behaviors, then likewise negative thoughts lead to negative behavior. Read on to find out more!

Self Motivation – Finding Passion in Everyday Life

Self motivation is a phrase often tossed about in vague terms. In general, most people interpret it as the drive to get up and do something. Pursuing a dream career, working hard for a promotion, accepting the challenge of a competition, these are all stereotypical scenarios commonly thought of when the subject of motivation arises. Read on to find out more!

Sports Motivational Quotes – Pump Up That Self Confidence

Coaches and teammates use sports motivational quotes to boost an athlete’s confidence before a game or contest. They may also use them to console an athlete after a defeat. They are meant to be philosophical and encouraging, or consolatory and light-hearted. Read on to find out more!

Weight Loss Motivation – It Does Not Come in a Pill

Much to the disappointment of many who want to lose weight, weight loss motivation does not come in pill form. While new weight loss medications and herbal formulas seem to come and go overnight, no one has yet invented a pill for motivating individuals who want to lose weight. Read on to find out more!

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