Are You Travelling Along The Slippery Slope To Your Grave?

When it comes right down to it where ever you go is where you are, whatever you end up doing, that’s what you are doing, whatever you are thinking right now, that’s what’s on your mind, what has happened to you, has already happened. The important part is how are you going to handle it? In other words “NOW WHAT”. Like it or not this is all we have to work with…

The Art of Wastebasketry

Are your filing cabinets stuffed so full that it’s difficult to retrieve and file papers? If you’re like 80% of the people in the audiences to whom I speak, your answer is “Yes.” “Are there things in your filing cabinet you could probably throw out?” Most once again answer “Yes.” So what’s the problem?

Creating Your Best Year Ever

January is synonymous with resolutions and getting organized is high on many people’s list. Unfortunately, perhaps some of us make a resolution, when what we really want is a revolution.

The Top Ten Strategies to Employ When You Feel Like Quitting

Ever feel like quitting? “Are you kidding?” you ask, “A better question would be, ‘How many times TODAY have I felt like quitting?’ “ Sure. We’ve all felt like “throwing in the towel” at one time or another. If you haven’t, I suggest that you check your pulse quickly. And here’s a real shocker for you: the notion that “winners never quit” is a crock! Everyone – even “winners”- has not only felt like it, but has even quit at one time or another.

Keeping Perspective: When Bad Things Happen That Are Not Life Threatening

Our tendency is to get so enmeshed in our own lives, we lose all perspective when we are faced with unpleasant and undesirable circumstances. We want to believe it’s all about us and our misfortune and so we take things personally.

Are You “Set Up” For Success?

Believe it or not, 2004 is already here. Yeah, I know, where has the time gone? My mom always told me that as I got older, the years would start to fly by.

4 Ways to Fight Pessimism

Naturally negative? 5 simple tips to help you “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”

Rebirth from the Ashes

Some people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five…

How to Make it Big In Spite of Your Challenges

It’s five years from now and you are still making the same income (or just a little more), living in the same home or apartment. You are in debt. And you are frustrated with the way things are. Well, here’s how to change that righ now…

Hey Me, Get Out Of My Way

We all do it. But we need to learn to just get out of our own way.

4 Powerful Ways To Fire Up Your Motivation

It’s so difficult to go on when everything seems to fail, isn’t it? Are there times in your life when you really want to call it “quits” because you just can’t see any good results from all the hard work you’ve done?

Taking The Leap

Whatever fears are keeping you from taking that big leap into your future, this Q&A will help you make that leap – and stick the landing with a perfect 10.0!

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