Just One Step at a Time

Life is challenging. At times it seems like a test – or perhaps a final exam. But these challenges are the exact things that we need to grow…Check out these tips to enjoy your growth and get beyond the challenge.

Death Begets New Life

What would you do if I hand a caterpillar in your hands? “Eeeek! Get rid of that ugly creature from me, it gives me nothing but itching over all my body.” This would be your natural reaction, no doubt. But what if again I place a beautiful butterfly on your hands? Oh! You would love and admire the beauty of this little creature. You will forget the fact that this butterfly was once a caterpillar which gave you itches.

Working Existence Is Not For Conformists, If it Really Is Working

Existence only really works for those that are “comfortable in their own skin” at all levels. If that was not reality, then people who follow the pack would not feel that some “power” is missing from their lives. But real consciousness is individuality and that is what this article is about.

Do You Have a Dream?

When we talk about dreams, what readily comes to mind are the things we experience during sleep. Fantasies and illusions. Dream in this discussion is more than an illusion or fantasy. It is a vision of the future, a strong desire, an ambition, a projection and a goal to be fulfilled.

Motivational Quotes – 5 Ways to Use Them to Get and Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation quotes can get you through some difficult times. They help you to stay inspired and excited. This article gives you ways for maintaining motivation through the use of inspiring quotes

Reaching Your New Year’s Resolutions

Changing habits isn’t easy. In fact, it’s very hard work. That’s why coaches like me stay in business! In fact, according to a recent survey of New Year’s resolutions, more than 75 percent of respondents will break them within 3 months. In working with clients I’ve seen what makes a difference and have distilled them down to five key points… I use the acronym REACH.

Weight Loss Motivation

It’s time to win the weight loss battle. You can do it. It’s all about your strategy and it starts right here.

The Secrets to Become a Motivated Person

Motivation is the number one key in making it through any endeavor. So what would you need to do or have to be a very motivated person? Consider some of the things below…

How to Motivate Yourself – 5 Simple Steps to Keep You Motivated

Life does not always move in the direction we want, it is filled with inconsistencies and unexpected events transpire when we least expect them. We may have begun a project, full of determination, and as we set out to complete this project, life throws obstacles and distractions in our way.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Sometimes they are too big and overwhelming. If we set a goal that’s too big, it can be confusing to know where to start and so it remains a goal, not a reality.

Faith – We Have No Choice – It’s the Rule of Life – Abide by It

We’ve all given up at least once, gone and sulked in our corner of the playground, taken our ball and gone home–every one of us. And we’ve all learned the very true fact of life: we cannot afford to give up because life overruns us if we do–yet at times we’re content with this actuality. And when we’ve had enough of coming last we finally wise up to the fact that life requires us to try.

Motivational Life Quotes – How to Get Started

There are million of motivational life quotes available for you to read from. They are every where. You can find them on the books, on the newspaper (quote of the day) and, of course, on the internet. There is no Dearth of quotes to read.

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