Motivation For You When You Are Full-Time Employee and a Part-Time Student

Sitting still is one of one the greatest enemy of human race. You immediately become ‘obsolete’ the moment you stop learning. Though learning can be done in any form (formal and informal), our system (employers) today tend to favour the formal learning more. This is why many people combine formal education with work.

Desire is the Fire For Achieving Success

If you really want something, you will get it! It is true: desire is a powerful force that can not easily be stopped. Do you really want to reach your goal so badly that you will never quit under any circumstance?

The Child, Inner Teacher Who Dances With You

There is an inner teacher in all of us who we all listen to when we have yet to learn to speak a single word. This is the child, who lives in us since the day we are delivered to this world.

Is Procrastination Ruining Your Marriage?

Late for dinner again? Not able to make it to Bobby Jr.’s baseball game because you have to work all weekend? Have you re-scheduled date night for several weeks in a row?

6 Reasons Why Procrastinators Should Write Things Down

There are many benefits to writing thoughts down on paper, especially for procrastinators. Here is why this practice is highly encouraged.

Five Ways to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a huge problem for many people today – especially in America. And perhaps one of the biggest contributors to the issue is that we as a society don’t take it very seriously. We either think people or lazy or we’re just all too busy to get everything done.

The Crazy Makers in Your Life

Don’t be derailed by distractions that are emotionally draining. Be strong. Stay on the track you have created for yourself.

Can Procrastination Affect Your Personal Relationships?

Based on several studies, the overall rate of Americans who say they procrastinate is greater than 25%. The irony of this is that most procrastinators do not own up to their own problems. This means that the percentage of those who procrastinate is in actuality probably much higher.

The Psychology Behind Procrastination – Is it Just Laziness Or Could it Be Something More?

Perhaps the most lethal form of self-sabotage we face in our lives today is procrastination. It can cross over into all areas of our lives, leaving us filled with anxiety. Once we begin to put things off, the to-do list becomes overwhelming and we don’t know where to start. Instead, we procrastinate more and, thus, the snowball continues to gain momentum and volume as we roll downhill.

Tough Decisions

Having trouble making decisions? Afraid of making the wrong decision?

John Lochrie of Galashiels

Stories of human striving and eventual success have long stood as proud testimonials and inspirational examples of just what can be achieved by every one of us. This is especially the case when the subject of the story is of humble origin and strives against particularly harsh odds…and such is the case of a certain John Lochrie a son of Galashiels, a town in the Scottish Borders.

Back-to-School Feeling

School uniforms, pencil cases, new trainers, the list goes on, but what about you? Why not treat yourself to some fancy new stationary and use it to write your goals for the rest of the year?

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