The Mystery of Motivation

Where does this mysterious force called motivation come from? Can we re-awaken it, when it fades? Can we become master of our own fates?

When Irish Eyes WEREN’T Smiling

Knees don’t knock together; they shake independently front to rear.

The Action Reaction

We know that we must take action, to accomplish a goal. These are the actions we should take, for our own fulfillment, our prosperity, our happiness. Can we become more action oriented, mare habitual in our actions?


How many of us are aware that we need to make important or even life saving changes about our person or within our lives? Yet we wait until the eve of New Years to convince ourselves that NOW is the time to put in the work to secure that change. Case in point: You KNOW you need to quit smoking, so what do you do?

The Journey Of A Lifetime

The journey of a lifetime… can only begin when you take your first step forward. If you REALLY want to make your dream a reality… you must be willing to step into your destiny.

Setting A Goal Is Essential

We need a destination before we can set off towards our destination. We need a purpose in our life to be meaningful. Something that said:” My presence will make the difference!” or “I will made others life better.” When you have a goal and life plan, go on to build a bright future for yourself. You must believe that life is full of opportunities and it will provide you with a unlimited source of energy.

Urgent Motivation?

You may not be aware of it but you are actually practicing motivation techniques everyday of your life. You can notice this clear when you force yourself to wake in the early hours of the morning to prepare for the day ahead.

Tying Up Loose Ends

At this time of year many of us are looking forward to what the new year will bring, but also back on the year that has just been completed. It is a time to consider which of our loose ends we need to tie up, which to let go of and which new ones to take up.

Looking Backwards and Moving Forwards

As we pass through this first month of 2007 many of you will be looking over the events of the past year. What will you see? Successes and achievements, or plans that went rather awry? How can you use what you see to make 2007 a year of success?

Forget The Resolutions! It’s Time For Some SMART Thinking!

New Year and making Resolutions seem to go hand in hand these days, as does breaking them almost immediately. How many people do you actually know who made a resolution and then stuck to it last year? Not many, if any at all! Well, my advice to you this year is to forget about the Resolutions and start thinking SMART.

Make 2007 Your Best Year Yet: 5 Tips to Move You Forward in the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching many people are preoccupied by their reflections on how they lived over the past year, and what they hope to do differently in the coming year. Unfortunately, many of us tend to look back with regret and disappointment. Although these feelings are very real, and possibly justified they are limiting. Berating yourself for goals not achieved this year, does not put you in the frame of mind to move forward in the next. So stop replaying all you regret about 2006 in your mind over and over again and consider the following. With the arrival of the New Year we are all granted the chance to start anew.

Get Stuck In There!

What have you been moaning and groaning about for ages? Sometimes if you want a job done you have to just do it yourself, but it’s not always as bad as you think. Get stuck in there and do it!

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