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How To Stay Positive If You Lose Your Job

Anyone who’s been in this situation or is in this situation right now will tell you that it is, hands down, the worst situation you can be in at this point in time. Redundancy, downsize, dismissal, change of career, relocation – whatever the situation is, if you don’t have a job right now, you’re probably feeling like your world is coming crashing down around you. Now is NOT the time to implode or break down. You need to keep it together and start making things happen for you. You need to be smart.

Everybody Wants to be Rich – Have You Served?

No man on earth will be willing to be poor. All human being on earth today desire so much in their mind to be “RICH” however, how many people is willing to pay the price?

Going Around The Obstacle

It is a fact that many face obstacles that keep them from fulfilling their aspirations. What they don’t know is that there are other routes than what they envisioned that can get them to their destination.

The Importance of Making an Effort

When we make an effort we demonstrate that things are important to us, that we care. It brings an extra dimension to our lives, our relationships and our work. Let us look at the ways that making an effort can bring real advantage into our lives.

Using Action Research to Build a Mind Movie: Personal Motivation

Need to feel a little more motivated about your life? Personal motivation is a challenge for anyone to keep up as we move through the hectic life of the Western world. One of the most fun things you can do for yourself is to take a few hours and build a mind movie. What is the mind movie? It’s a moving video presentation that makes use of both words and pictures to help you visualize your dreams. Coined by a company in Australia, the term has come to be ubiquitous on the web for visualization processes that work with the law of attraction. You don’t have to believe in the power of your mind however to appreciate the upbeat feeling that you get when you watch one of the these short videos. This article uses action research and takes you through three quick steps (discovery, measurable action, and reflection) to build a mind movie using the technology of ANIMOTO.

How to Re-Ignite Your Life

Everyone, including you, needs some time for their personal batteries to re-charge. If you don’t do this on a regular basis then you become more at risk of stress related illnesses.

Jump Start Your Day (Like an Athlete)

Can you imagine a high-performing athlete showing up for a competition, thinking, “I’ll just see how it goes?” It would be ludicrous! We all know that athletes need to properly prepare for a competition. They make sure they get enough sleep, eat well, check their equipment, and repeatedly envision a successful competition. In fact, most coaches would argue that an athlete’s attention to preparation could easily make or break their competition.

Quotes On Helping Others: 3 Motivational Quotes That Inspire The Spirit Of Helping

Reading quotes on helping others can inspire us to do good deeds. In such a fast-paced and often materialistic world, we need inspiration and guidance to help us remember.

Unpredictability – A Solution to Extremes in Life

The very fact that life in itself has earned the ‘enigma’-status derives from its frequent unpredictability and now proven penchant for being unfair; letting-go only when people have learnt to fight for what they would normally have deserved. While it may sound like an assertion, it does often push people to certain extremes and they then stick to this extreme or that other extreme in life, believing that certain things either would never happen, or almost most always would happen as a matter of surety. It has to be noted here that extremes do very little to help anybody, this is why this write-up tries to proffer a solution along the line as it is key to real successful living.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude is an Essential Life Strategy

Life is precious because time is short. Whether you are fortunate enough to live to be 100 or not, live each and every day to it’s fullest. Where there is a hurdle in life, think your way through it to find solutions and use your energy to accentuate the positive.

Do Motivational Youth Speakers Make a Difference?

Schools spend a lot of money and class time exposing students to motivational speakers. But are these school assemblies really worth the investment? Motivational youth speaker Scott Greenberg addresses this question and explains how speakers can make positive impact on teens.

Forgiveness – The Key to Business Success

“What good is having forgiveness as a natural strength? I need you to help me find ways to make money, not suggest ways to help me enter the monastery.” When a client made that statement in 2004, I laughed, but I understood his confusion.

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