Billionaires DO THIS for 10 Minutes Every Single MORNING!

5 Amazing Benefits of Masterminding

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, studied the richest men of the early 1900’s and wrote this book as part of his research (if you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend it). One of the common practices of all of the wealthy men he researched was that they participated in a Mastermind with other like-minded men. These Mastermind groups served the purpose of helping the participants solve problems and move forward in their goals, making them more wealthy and successful.

What Are Your Values?

Here’s one approach to taking your personal values inventory. It may not be a perfect recipe for you (people do vary), but it’s sure to start you reflecting on what’s important in your life, and to help you find your own way to clarity around your values, your mission, and your passion.

Motivational Tips After Tragedy

Car accident, death in the family, and injury are just a few of the tragedies that happen in life. We have all been through them at some point. How do you stay motivated during these tough times? These motivational tips should help you.

Motivational Tips During Tough Times

Getting your spirit back when you have gone through some tough times. Everyone has been there, these motivational tips will help get you through them.

Discouraged? How to Change It to Courage

Starting something new can be so exciting. You feel like nothing will go wrong, everything will just work and people will rave. Then the newness starts to fade and with it that feeling of excitement. As those feelings fade it is easy to feel downhearted and discouraged, but take heart this is only the start of your adventure.

A Self-Taught Student Desires To Expand Their Knowledge

If a self-taught student were to be interviewed I wonder what type of answers would be given to the following questions. Different types would be heard from different students because it would depend on their backgrounds, education, upbringing, experiences, and beliefs. Now we will take a look at a few of the questions and answers.

10 Insights to Help You Beat Hard Times

Whatever unfortunate situation you find yourself in is for the glory of God my friend because life will send you all the ladders you need to climb, problems you need to overcome and painful situations to be endured. It will all work out for your good if you refuse to be put down. Problems are not designed to kill you because if they were you would be dead by now, but you are still alive because God wants it that way. I have been down that road myself and I clearly understand the need to overcome any situation in order to be numbered among victors.

The Act of Learning To Let Go Leads to Aspiring Higher

Have you ever tried picking up a pencil with a clenched fist? It doesn’t work. You would have to release your clench to be able to pick it up. Now, think of your life. If you want something different (think the pencil) than what you have today (think of the clenched fist), you have to release what you currently have a hold-on to allow something new and better to come in.

What Would You Do for $20?

But then I place one end of the plank on the top of a 20-story building, and the other end on the top of an adjacent 20-story building – I place a small rock on the $20 bill in case there is a slight breeze. Now I ask you to walk the plank just as before.

Why Self Improvement Or Motivation For Employees Is Important

Are you a business owner looking for a competitive edge? Read more about how you can utilize motivation for your employees here…

The Self-Taught Learner Is Seeking More Knowledge

Why would you want to seek more knowledge? If you think about this question for a short time a few simple ideas may come to mind. Your reasoning may be different than others but it is just as important. Making a decision to search out and find certain information will support your ultimate goal. That should be to learn as much as you can as often as you can.

Nigeria – The Land of Our Inheritance

Nigeria is a great country. As Christians living in Nigeria and as citizens of this great country, I want to say that we all have a glorious, fantastic inheritance here in Nigeria (Africa). I know that our inheritance is in heaven, where there is no more sadness; no more pain; no more suffering, and where we shall see Jesus face to face, yet this our glorious inheritance begins HERE AND NOW on earth!

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