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Shot Down

Have you ever tried to lovingly give someone support and advice only to feel like every time you do you’re “shot down” cold? I’ve felt that way and it’s very frustrating. Not that I think I always know it all or that they should take my advice, but just that it would be nice to have them acknowledge the fact that I’m listening to them, that I care, and I’m trying to help in some way.

Smile – Love Being You

Smiling has been found to release powerful neurotransmitters like endorphins and serotonin – our body’s natural ‘feel good’ drugs. Endorphins are also released when laughing, exercising, having sex, eating chocolate, sunbathing, during massages and meditation, when dancing, singing and listening to music – just about anything that leaves a smile on your face. Serotonin is a vital part of regulating our moods, sleep, sexuality and appetite. The serotonin/smile relationship goes both ways – good mood, getting good sleep, good sex and good food will ensure the smiles and serotonin keep coming.

2009 is the Season of Victory

Now, more than ever, is your opportunity to live an extraordinary life! Tap into your highest potential and claim the victory that is awaiting you.

Conscious Resolutions – A More Effective Way to Make the Right Changes in Our Lives

It’s a new year and like so many people, I’ve been thinking about resolutions. I’ve made a few and many of them are the same as last year: drink less, eat fewer sweets, exercise more and so on. From the people I speak with, it seems these are in the world’s top ten resolutions anyway. So I wondered if maybe a different approach to resolutions might work. There’s only one way to find out. Let’s give it a go.

The World is Shaped by Those Who Take Action on Good Ideas

So you know a good idea when you see one, right? And Operation Pull Your Own Weight and naturally immunizing kids against obesity for life certainly qualifies as one of those good ideas whose time has come.

The Power of Eliminating Resistance

“What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now.” ~The Buddha~ Have you heard the saying, “What you resist persists”? Resistance is so powerful it can create an energetic force field literally separating from you from your dreams by pushing away what you’d like to create or attract into your life.

Want to Achieve Your Dreams? Learn the Art of Bouncing

“In spite of past failures, criticisms, and a myriad of character assassinations, Hilary Clinton is aspiring to be the first woman President. That’s moxie. After beating the cancer that ravaged his body, Lance Armstrong trained for and raced in the Tour de France. That’s moxie. When 16 literary agents rejected best-selling author John Grisham’s novel A Time to Kill, he went looking for the 17th agent. That’s moxie.” So what is Moxie and how can you bounce back to be the next Hilary, Lance or John?

Dead at the Age of 15 – Life is Too Short

What are you waiting for? If you only could grasp a hold of the idea in this article, I am certain that you will revolutionize your life and your income. How much time do you have left to realize your dreams?

Procrastination, a Modern Day Disease

The verdict was in, my fate was about to be revealed yet as I rose to my feet I noticed that I was not alone, for the world had risen with me. It was official, judgment had been passed and we had all been found guilty. The judges words rang in my ears as slowly but surely the ramification of my charge hit me, I looked around at the blank looking faces as disbelief gave way to horror for we were all guilty of a dreadful crime.

7 Quick & Easy Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

How many times have you set yourself goals, only to find that you simply aren’t motivated enough to carry them through? Ideas and goals are totally ineffective if you don’t take action, so here are 7 tips to spur you on to achieving your goals!

You Can Turn Your Life Around in an Instant

Why do some people move from one level of success to the next in life while others seem to be stuck in the same place they were five years ago? Successful people have tapped into a law that not many are either aware of or are willing to apply to their lives. It is the Law of Suggestion, and when used correctly and consistently, it has the power to turn your life around on a dime.

Are You the Hero in Your Life?

There is a hero inside of you waiting to live its courage. The world needs your hero now. Learn the qualities of living as a hero.

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