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Taking Actions on Those Tasks We Avoid

Some people are born doers. Some people are born thinkers. Some think about doing and never get anything done.

Journeying To The Promised Land

A journey which involves a movement from one town to the other side of another town usually involves a foot work or walk. But trying to make an attempt in foot movement requires for leaving your comfort zone to where you want your life or body movement to move to. Restrictions can at times cantankerous you, hampers you, to the believing of thinking that your current thoughts are not so safe and sound to be turning out new results.

Never Give Up!: Seven Secrets to Creating More Success In Your Life

Never Give Up! We’ve all heard those words before, but do we believe them? As a physician who specializes in treating patients with spinal and orthopedic pain, I often tell my patients-Never give up. Like many of you, I enjoy watching basketball. But what can we learn from a game of basketball?

Essence of the Right Approach

Approach is everything and being able to come up with the right one is absolutely essential to solving problems and tackling the daily issues life can throw up. Challenges exist constantly at every turn and almost every other phase in life and it becomes absolutely necessary to have a perspective which involves an in-depth understanding of the problem. Informed perspectives make it easier to come up with lasting solutions to issues.

Motivational Speaker Says: Stop Motivating Your Staff!

They call people like me motivational speakers and I don’t really understand why. When I speak at a sales meeting or management conference in the corporate world do the powers-that-be really expect me to motivate their staff? Even if I could motivate them, just how long would that motivation last for, after I’ve left the conference?

Is It Time to Dream Again?

When is the last time you just sat down and wrote out a list of things you wanted to do? Dare to dream a little again. Where do you want to travel?

Breakthrough Principle: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This is the fourth in a series of eleven articles on ‘Breakthrough Principles.’ In this article, the author explains the important role planning plays in achieving individual or group breakthrough and how they can help attain quality performance.

Just Do It: What Nike Forgot to Tell You

We normally think “when I have this, then I will do that, and I will be this.” I am suggesting that this is an illusion. We actually must first BE the person we want to me, and then from that action will naturally follow. Action produces the results we want.

How to Find the Best Motivational Videos on The Web

Searching for the best motivational videos on the internet is an art. Because the internet is packed with different types of videos that are made in order to motivate viewers, you will of course need to know how to find the one that will truly motivate you.

Are You Interested or Committed?

Are you interested in earning more money this year, building a better career, improving your health or restoring a relationship? This is not a rhetorical question I am serious.

A Disturbance of Thought – Inside the Mind of a Negaholic (Negative Person)

If you know a negative person, you are familiar with the way his or her mind works. It is important to bring him or her out of a negative thinking pattern. Otherwise, the person will find it difficult to live a normal life. At the same time, this needs to be done in a subtle manner, otherwise there is the danger of putting the person off. Humor is a great way to ensure that the person gets out of this destructive thinking pattern.

The Mind Can Make People Become Great

We all have different views on what is going on in the social, political, work or even home environment we live in. In fact, this leads us to a result in our lives; these are invisible forces of ‘nature’ which shape a future of anyone, anything, in the ENVIRONMENT.

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