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Clever Ways to Stick to Your Goals

While we are in the last days before the start of a new year I like to start planning and help you to plan for the next year. We can begin to know exactly what needs to be done and to start doing it. If you are reading this some time after the New Year you can also apply this to a new month or week or day.

My Stuff Is Smaller Than Your Stuff

A look into whether having less stuff can be a positive in your life. In this case less stuff can equal more joy.

Super Ego

Super Ego Too often, the thing that holds us back is our very own ego. We can easily get wrapped up in ourselves and our sense of self-importance, allowing this to place enormous obstacles on our path to success and real happiness. A hallmark of being human above other animals is our level of self-awareness, but too often that sense of self-awareness turns into an inflated sense of self-importance that causes us to irrationally place trivial aspects of us above more important aspects of others.

Corruption Begins From The Bottom

Corruption isn’t just about stealing large sum of public money. It isn’t only about making recommendations for the undeserving candidates for post vacancies, or the big fuss we make of backdoor appointments. Corruption isn’t only about those in power, but it’s also about us, the common men who cannot be faithful in simple, seemingly insignificant things and places.

Need Help With Motivation?

To reactivate and motivate you especially for the new year coming up try starting with new habits. Set some time every night and review your day and plan the next. Write down or at least recognize all you accomplished this day and your wins of the day. When you plan your next day the night before you can go to sleep easier and maybe even sleep better without a lot of to do’s running around in your mind. It is now on paper and you know you won’t forget things and for now you can let it go. You will be able to start your next day knowing exactly what you need to do and when.

Find Motivation – Stay Motivated!

One of the biggest roadblocks that stands between you and your goals is motivation. It is extremely hard to stay motivated when you have trouble reaching your goals, and it can be ever harder to get motivated if you have been trying to lose weight and get fit to no avail. That is why it is vital that you find ways to get motivated and stay motivated as you work your way toward getting physically fit. There are certain things that you can do in order to keep your motivation. If you follow this advice, you may find it much easier to continue with your fitness no matter how long it may take.

The Pinnacle for Change

We may perhaps be thinking of change. Truly, we may not know how to go about it; just as these problems swarm, and in a debilitated state we feel for our response, we can know one simple thing that will lead us to change every time. People might say it is self-respect, but of course it’s deeper than that, though its manifestation is central upon the achievement of self-worth (critical for lasting change). The pinnacle for change is…

3 Secrets in Inspiring and Motivating Other People

For years, motivation is used by companies, schools, institutions and other individuals. Companies used it to help workers to boost their performance and to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Schools and institutions used it to help individuals achieve their aims in life. Did you know that motivation and inspiration play vital roles in the success of companies and individuals?

How to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination

Learn some techniques to overcome laziness and stop being lazy once and for all. Laziness is nothing more than a state of mind that can be changed.

New You Day – Action!

I told myself over and over, “Tomorrow.” In an Annie song – it’s a great concept – but in REAL LIFE you need to deal with things RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow may not ever arrive for ANY of us. And even though we’d like to believe we do – we DON’T have the luxury of time. We don’t have until tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year!

Motivational Speakers Discussion On Choosing A Career After School

After graduating from high school or college, many students have the option of either proceeding to another course or looking for job opportunities. Many motivational speakers help these students decide on what steps a student has to take right after they’ve graduated from school.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Undergoing Motivational Training

When undergoing motivational training, you need to ask yourself some pretty pressing questions if you hope to progress. Read on to discover what these questions are.

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