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We All Have The Power to Change

Yes, its true! We all Have the power to change our minds, our thoughts, our lives, our relationships!

Don’t Be a Victim! Be a Survivor!

I am sitting here late at night watching Addicted, trying to figure out where these parents might have gone wrong or where might they have prevented the issues their children face. Yes, sometimes there is absolutely nothing they could have done, other times I see that it is a broken home, molestation, abuse, death, etc. I think about my 2 small children and try everything I can to not…

Encouragement is Step One in Achievement

George M. Adams wrote “There are high spots in all our lives and most of them come through encouragement from someone else.” We need a network of people in our lives that are always there to encourage, advise and help us as we experience the obstacles and diversions that pelt us on our journey throughout life.

Everything Happens With a Reason

At times, especially in moments when we are down and seems that everyone have deserted us, we tend to blame other people for whatever misfortunes that we have. We can easily pinpoint others, blame ourselves and worst, blame our God for all that is happening in our life. We tend to forget that everything happens for a reason. We may not know now, but in the right time, we will know it.

Banishing Laziness For Good – Change Your Life For the Better, Today

Laziness, we all have it from time to time. These are the beliefs I repeated to myself again and again until they were part of my nature.

Do Your Goals Push You Or Do Your Goals Pull You?

Why do some people consistently reach their goals while others peter out before the skinny lady sings? Motivation.

How to Automatically Motivate Yourself!

When you take action, what happens? Well, you will either achieve your goals, move towards your goals, or you get feedback, of which you will then use to change your strategy taking action again and again until you get what you want.

How to Get Rid of Failure Immediately!

Do you have rejection as one of your ‘Away-from values’? Know that the way you define rejection can either empower you, or limit you. I believe that everyone of us fears rejection.

The Power of Our Dream

Many of us have dreams when we were young, some even have big dream like Anousheh Ansari who wish to fly out and float in the wonderful boundless space. But how many of us really have our dream come true?

5 Simple Steps to Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself has a lot to do with your happiness, your success, and your general outlook on life. With all the day to day stress most of us live with each day, sometimes we get lost in the game of life.

How to Keep Motivated For Your Exercise Program

Once you start on your chosen exercise program, how do you keep motivated? Here are a few specific ideas and thoughts about how to maintain the enthusiasm you had when you started your program.

Motherhood Makes Her Stronger

Motherhood is a humbling experience. Having had a fulfilled life as a single person, she felt so ready to move on to starting a family. In her mid-30s when she got pregnant, she thought she was ready and had everything in control.

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