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Motivation and Getting From A to B

How do you get from A to B? A simple question. You get in the car, point the steering wheel, feel the structure around you, confident the engine is well built and the chassis is comfortable, and then, releasing the brake, you put your foot down on the pedal. Easy! Well, that’s how it works geographically, but the analogy is apt. How do you get your organisation from A to B? What is the steering wheel? The steering wheel is the direction you are pointing in; it is your aim, your organisational objectives, your business plan and the strategy by which you might achieve that direction. Indeed, to pursue the car analogy, the steering wheel links to the four wheels that turn with the slightest touch. The four wheels? And the one in the boot! Five wheels, perhaps the four or five Ps of marketing: promotion, price, product, place and positioning. These carry the body of the car.

Stay Back in the Game

The idea for this article came when I set out one morning, trying to jog out to a Volunteer service group I am part of. I remembered how long it really was that I have been able to jog regularly as I should. So I thought how needful it is to stay in the game.

I Want Freedom

So, would you like freedom? From what do want freedom? It might be from an over – bearing wife that constantly nags at you, wearing you down, and you are tired of her tirades.

How to Deal With Disappointment – It Is Inevitable

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball, and everything just goes wrong. This is some advice on how to deal with it, although you need to find your own niche. But you can at least start here.

Use Mindfulness to Increase Motivation and Reach Your Goals

On March 19th I had my first class in a running group. I had always wanted to start running.

Life Investments

Who are you taking for granted right now? With such busy lives, the odds are that we are each at least taking one person in our lives for granted at this moment. We make excuses and justifications: I’m too tired… I had such a hard day at work… I’ll have time tomorrow…

How Truths and Fears Faced Secure Peace, Love and Joy

To have joy we must deal with our pain. To have peace we must deal with our conflict. To have love we must deal with our fear.

Take a Positive Attitude – Kill the I Can’t Attitude

A dream is a desire seed planted by God the creator in manifestation. Don’t allow the critics about your life debar you to achieve your dream. Always walk ahead your critics to avoid their words of discouragement. Think ahead as you take lead for the future holds more better things than you can imagine. Do you know that; ‘I Can’t Attitude’; kills one’s DREAM?

The Place Inside Where Nothing Is Impossible

IMPOSSIBLE is not a word I’m willing to accept anymore. I’ve kicked it out of my vocabulary. I’ve learned there is no power above or beside me, behind or below me, that is more powerful than the love inside me.

8 Motivational Quotes That Changed My Life – Quotes to Help Make Your Life More Meaningful

Seeking some help to inspire you to greatness? Here are eight motivational quotes that helped change my life and improve my business.

Just Flying High

To me the Eagle is symbolic of Flying High. On a wall near my old office, I had hung a large picture of an Eagle in full flight, wings outstretched, looking all-conquering. And under the picture there is a caption. It read: Accept the Challenges so that you might feel the exhilaration of victory – of flying high. This motivational speech looks at the times that our author felt he was “flying high” using the John Denver song to illustrate the concept of flying high. He looks at Robert Kennedy’s view of how one can be flying high.

Rise Out Of Normal Thinking And Become Extraordinary

Ordinary people, however rich or poor they are, are competitive. Genuinely extraordinary people are creative, very creative, extremely creative. With that, I begin this article.

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