BREAK YOUR NEGATIVE THINKING | Powerful Motivational Speech

Productive Risks – Enjoy Life!

Even small steps towards making change in one’s life is a good thing. There may be something you really like waiting to be discovered just a short distant from where you are. A big vacation may be exciting, and a small afternoon trip could be rewarding as well. Whats the greatest danger? It may be sitting in your den just waiting to catch you!

Self Motivation – The Truth About Motivational Crap

Yes, you’ve seen it all over the web yet there is something missing. Something that people are not telling you about self motivation. Learn the truth behind this misguided information and how to battle and win forever.

Self Motivation – The Essence of Positivism in Life

When ever you feel a lack of self motivation, you should try speaking to a close friend or a family member. And if all else fails, then try these self motivation techniques and practice the best technique for lasting results and a happier life!

Living Your Life With Passion and A Mission To Achieve Any Goals You Set For Yourself

Your life is like a business. Set up your business the right way and you can achieve any dreams and goals you set for yourself. Read on to find out how to live your life with passion and a mission.

Whatever You Do Do Not Give In Or Give Up

Important secrets are not revealed to lazy people. Are you motivated to work hard and to be the best that you can be? That has nothing whatsoever to do with feelings or emotions. It is a decision we make. Read on and learn this vital lesson.

What’s Your Motivation

What keeps you going? Do you feel like quitting? Then you need some motivation to keep you going. Get some motivation and achieve success.

Eight Life Lessons to Live By

I’d like to share with you eight life lessons that inspired me all these years. I believe that these lessons are Mama’s legacy and I hope that we can all learn from her life.

Bring the Basket up the Stairs

An old lady with a big basket full of fruits stopped before a long flight of staircase. She suddenly realized that she had forgotten to get back her change from the cashier. She saw a man coming her way and asked if he could be kind enough to help her get the basket up the stairs and wait for her to come back from getting the change. The man was kind to agree to help.

Overcome Procastination

Procrastination is a confidence drainer. Usually when one procrastinates it is because they do not want to deal with or confront something that they fear.

Motivation And Self Determination For Winning

You are a winner! What is an affirmation? Real winning never happens by accident.

How To Beat Procrastination – Try This Effective New Approach To Overcome Procrastination

The logical approach to beating procrastination is to first analyse why you might be procrastinating. But this doesn’t work. Why? Because you end up with a lap full of perfectly valid and justifiable reasons why you don’t create more. Which, rather than help you procrastinate less, actually leads you to think “Wow, with all the reasons, it’s NO WONDER I don’t create more!” Result? You procrastinate more than ever before! So here instead is an alternative approach to beating procrastination that works:

Live Your Dream!

Have you seen, or better yet, heard this guy? By day he sells mobile phones, but he has always dreamed of doing (in his words) “what he feels he was born to do.” He always wanted to sing opera. So instead of just wishing, hoping and dreaming, Paul Potts mustered up an incredible amount of courage and took action.

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