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When It Is OK To Cry

Sadness, disappointment and anger are emotions that need as much attention as happiness does. You have to keep an eye on them and play your cards accordingly. You cannot appear happy on the outside and be full of remorse or frustration on the inside. Pretending to feel what you don’t will not get you ahead. It will harm you, psychologically and physically.

Discover How I Found Motivation in My Life

For the past five years, my career has been going nowhere. What started as a very lucrative career, ended as a very frustrating endeavor. For years, I have been dealing with issues between professional and personal factors.

I Am Proud Of Myself!

She made me realize this. The lady next door. Six months since we moved here to UK, I’ve been seeing her almost everyday. We often use to greet each-other whenever we met, but it never went beyond that, until that very day!

The 7 Important Ingredients You Would Need to Get What You Want

Scot is in his first year in high school. He is not the athletic type and does not enjoy physical education. He has a bad ball sense and whenever he runs, he does so in a zigzag manner while keeping his body upright.

Opportunities Do Exist During Recessions

Since 1879 our country has had several depressions and recessions and each time, the people survived. Also, during these particular times, our country produced more millionaires than any other time in history. Most of these people had almost no money and very little education. How did they become millionaires?

The Reason For the Pursuit

Money itself is neither good nor bad. It’s the reason for the pursuit of money that turns it into a tool for good or a tool for bad.

How Motivation Could Affect Your Business

There are innumerable websites and help books that tell one how to become successful and be happy. But, if it were so simple to be successful and happy, everybody would be so.

What Defeats Motivation

Do you think that the level of your motivation keeps shifting, without ever remaining near constant? If so, did you ever wonder or try figuring out the reason for the same. Unless you know what causes such fluctuations, you can’t look for ways to keep it at the same level for long.

Effective Motivation in the Workplace

My experience in the human resource department of one of the banana plantations in the country, made me realize that motivation in the workplace is a complex process. It is complicated in that it takes several factors to consider and many elements to include in the process.

What is the Definition of Motivation?

Motivation by any definition refers to that drive or force that compels you to perform a particular task or to move forward towards a particular goal. Motivation comes in two major forms, one is preventative motivation and the other is goal oriented motivation.

Understanding the Basics of Motivation

Motivation is the force needed for attaining anything in one’s life. Unless you are motivated, you are likely to feel defeated on facing hardships.

The Keys to Opportunity – Motivation and Self-Confidence

It takes a creative mind to survive trying economic times. It also takes complete motivation and self-confidence to do what others can’t or won’t do.

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