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The Seed of Faith – The Death of Fear

The seed of faith conceives victory, and the fear of failure aborts it. Although my mentioning of faith doesn’t necessarily refer to religious beliefs, the same principles apply nonetheless. If the opening line strikes a chord in you, it’s only because the message is one that you already know.

Change – How to Change Your Life the Way You Want It To, Decide and Start Now – Use These Tips Well

Change, although inevitable, and really hard to make especially when we are the one who really needs to trigger it. Most of us are egoistic that we never admit our shortcomings; we tend to be offensive or defensive and even cynic.

Take Charge of Your Motivation – Be Your Own Best Coach

Internal motivation is key to our success and enjoyment of life. Internal motivation relies on our positive, enthusiastic feelings, thoughts and self-talk. Learn how to motivate and mobilize yourself by emulating the role of a coach in your own life, to counteract negativity and keep you focused, optimistic and active.

Professional Keynote Speakers Inspire Today’s Businesses

Today’s corporations, non-profits, and even smaller businesses are looking for ways to motivate employees, in the hopes it improves performance. Using a professional keynote speaker has become an important part of company meetings and celebrations.

How to Find Motivation in Life – 6 Tips to Be Motivated and Live a Better Life

Learning how to find motivation in life is one main factor that helps us live a happier and more fulfilled life. Yes, we do have dreams, aspirations and goals in life and being able to achieve them is one source of fulfillment and happiness in living.

Five Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

There are many things that happen in life that we are not prepared for. That is why life is just one big fat lesson. So here we are. We live and we learn.

The Secret to Achieving Success in Life Despite Challenges

It is incredible how negative news sells well especially in the media. Nowadays it is easier to infect people’s mind with negative news than with the positive. Many are the times that we do not find anything good to give thanks for.

Self Belief and the Law of Attraction

Believing in yourself is one of the best things you can do in order to achieve your goal. If you have a slightest doubt in your abilities and capabilities, you will not only decrease your self confidence, but you will also get unsatisfying results.

No Will Power? The One Thing You Must Remember If You Want to Boost Your Will Power

So you want to know what to do if you have no will power? I understand how you feel. I find it hard to stay motivated if I hit a roadblock or two, when I’m trying to achieve a goal. So, I feel where you’re coming from.

Start New Today – Be a Thermostat Not a Thermometer

No… I promise you I haven’t lost my mind, nor am I encouraging you to “shape shift” into an inanimate object. One thing each of us can be assured of in life is that we’ll all experience a roller coaster of events and emotions that accompany those events. People we love will die, people we work with will be dishonest and take credit for the things we do, and companies who we absolutely knew were going to buy from us… won’t. You can be assured that in business you’ll experience just as much good as you will bad.

Tips to Stop Procrastination – How You Can Beat Procrastinating in a Few Easy Steps

There are various steps to stop procrastination that are available online for you to use. However in order to be procrastination for good unique to first understand the underlying causes of it and then tackle them step-by-step.

Tips to Stop Procrastination – Overcome Laziness With These Helpful Tips

Laziness can be considered as one of the main reasons why people procrastinate. There are many tips to stop procrastination that you can use to overcome laziness for good and lead a more productive and satisfactory life.

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