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Create Your Own Masterpiece

We honor great works of arts, paintings, writings, public buildings and spaces – they are the outcome of imagination, vision and genius. But wise teachers have shown us that when we discover and use our gifts, we create masterpieces of our lives.

Act Like a Gold Medal Champion

Most athlete’s have a mountain moving story of obstacles they had to overcome to reach their goals. The difference in them overcoming those obstacles is their character and how they go after what they want to achieve the GOLD.

Believe in the Possible

We are living in an unpredictable economy at the moment. And if we continue to listen to the media, they would have us believe that we are facing the same fate of the Great Depression. Regardless of the state of your circumstances. You have a choice to choose to believe that all things are possible.

What is Hindering You?

Governor David Patterson is an accomplished man. He does not let the fact that he is visually impaired hinder him. As I think of his accomplishments, and evaluate the average person who has usage of their five senses, I have to wonder what is hindering the average American.

Is There a Limit to Your Success?

If you believe there is a limit, have you asked yourself why you believe so? Could it be that perhaps your belief is nothing more than your wrong assumptions caused by your limited information and experience?

Obstacles to Procrastination

Procrastinators are very familiar with resistance, but surely that’s the same as obstacles? Well, no actually it is not, and here is why.

Procrastination – Tips to Get Over the Hump

Are you an unorganized time waster? Are you tired of feeling the pressure of procrastination? Follow these tips to remedy procrastination.

Motivation – No Need to Feel Bad, Ever

Never feel bad – or this will manifest. Always try to visualise what you want, and when things get really bad, just think to yourself, I have faith. When you really believe this works, or start to notice the things you want manifesting in your life, be grateful for the next thing you will receive, or in general for the good to come!

Procrastination’s Multiple Pains

How did a $75 project cost me an additional $500, cause my daughter to panic and keep the whole family cold for a night?…Procrastination can and does create multiple unexpected painful results.

It’s All About Motivation

Jane had a tough decision to make. She had two strong candidates for her former Director of Software Development position. Newly promoted to CIO (Chief Information Officer) Jane needed to backfill her old position quickly. This was the first decision she would make in her new role, so selecting the right candidate was truly critical.

7 Ways to Get Things Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

For most people getting start and staying motivated all the time feels like trudging through an obstacle course. The mind throws up excuses as blocks and tries to keep us from achieving what we want. There are seven common phrases that the mind uses to trick us into inaction. This article provides ways to respond to each of the seven and to turn inaction into action and productivity.

Thriving During Tough Times Survival Tip #4 – Regularly Use Motivational Mottos

Everything you do to survive and thrive in tough times should be backed with a motivational motto or theme to help get through the inevitable challenges along the way. Nothing is impossible but it all comes with challenges along the path. Motivational mottos and themes encourage, empower, and energize you when the times are toughest. Without them, you will always just be looking for greener pastures when the times get tough. You never know when you might need a motto to help your through tough times…

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