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Don’t Waste Your Life! Get Out and Do Fun Activities!

Life is not something to waste. It is too beautiful not to use it to its full potential. During your life time, I urge you not to just sit back and watch it fly by.

Self Improvement Starts With Motivation

If you are like most people you periodically have the urge to undertake some form of self-improvement. This article talks about developing persistent motivation in order to be successful.

Opportunity – You Must See it to Seize It!

In order to succeed, we must stay positive and truly believe that even in a tough market, great opportunities exist. We need to embrace the fact that optimism is non-negotiable in our quest for success! For some, optimism comes natural, if you’re not one of those, optimism can be learned and practiced.

How You Can Overcome Procrastination

We all are victims of procrastination some time or the other. We postpone and postpone and wait for someone to take over or something to happen on it’s own. We get slacked on work or in our personal lives and don’t move forward in life in any way. As a result the work keeps piling up, jobs are put aside to do tomorrow and tomorrow which never comes. We get used to certain comfort level and don’t break away from the monotony. We stop making progress in life and achieve anything new or exciting. And suddenly we realize so much time has passed and what have we done with our lives and time.

Oscar Wilde Quotes – These Inspiring Words From Oscar Wilde Can Change Your Life

Oscar Wilde was one of the greatest writers of his generation. Although there is much to be said about his personal life, one can only sing praises about his work. If you are in need of motivation, there are a lot of Oscar Wilde quotes that will get you up and running to success.

Purpose in Life Illustrated by Patrick Swayze

Aspiring entrepreneurs can take valuable lessons from the remarkable life of Patrick Swayze. As a man who accomplished his purpose in life, he is a true motivation to us all, to do what it takes to achieve your goals and live the life you desire.

How to Keep Your Fire Igniting?

Life is full of obstacles that hinder us from moving towards our dreams. No matter how much enthusiastic and motivated we might have been in the beginning of anything we do, a certain point of time comes, when we just lose interest, feel hopeless or tired enough not to go further and struggle to get any where.

Freedom of Motivation – Are You Motivated?

Get motivated now. Have the freedom and discover what you can do with motivation at any moment!

And Now For Something Completely Different!

You have felt this before. You read or listened to some famous self-help guru and in the end they leave you with more questions than answers. They keep you wondering, where are the details?

Motivation is Key to Success

Motivation is the crucial ingredient to success. It is at the heart of everyone who ever achieved prominence in anything.

How to Gracefully Go From 6 Figure Salary to WIC in 90 Days

These are all things that peo­ple tell you when you’re going through a cri­sis and they are try­ing to fill an uncom­fort­able silence. I’m not the type of per­son to really com­plain or com­mis­er­ate. I gen­er­ally keep smil­ing and keep mov­ing when chal­lenged with adver­sity. But I’m learn­ing a hum­bling les­son lately that has my good nature in a head lock. The les­son for today stu­dents is How to Grace­fully Go From a Six Fig­ure Salary to WIC in 90 Days.

Positive Energy – Evaluate the ROE (Return on Energy) For Your Various Projects and Commitments

Are all activities, tasks, projects, and commitments ‘created equal’? Should you invest your time and energy without considering what the return on your investment is? Financially, people (should) consider their ROI, i.e., Return On Investment. With your time and energy, think about considering your ROE, i.e., Return On Energy – and then watch and see if you don’t restrict access to your most precious assets.

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