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Mastering Emotions: Taking Your Life To The Next Level

Few human beings will master their emotions, and their ability to respond resourcefully to the emotions of others. Most will settle for letting their emotions master them. The ones that do learn to master their emotions will put the odds in their favor of rising to the top of their professions, leading the way in their communities, enjoying unusual levels of health, well-being and longevity, and showing others what is possible in terms of enjoying life! Not bad!

Book Summary: Self Motivation

This Article is based on the following book: Sel Motivation ‘Developing Self-Reliance, Persevering With Challenges’ By Gael Lindenfield Published by Thorsons, London, 2000 ASIN: 0722540213 256 pages

Qualia and Quanta

Choice points are opportunities to change. Each moment is your choice point to be, do and have more out of life.

Book Summary: If Life is a Game, These are the Rules

This article is based on the following book: If Life is a Game, These are the Rules “Ten rules for Being Human” By Cherie Carter-Scott, PhD Published by Broadway Book, New York, 1998 ISBN: 0767902386 139 Pages

Keep On Keepin’ On

One more step. Sometimes that is all it takes to reach your goal. But, if you don’t take that step, you’ll never know. Winners persist. Losers desist.

Break Free

Your life is what you make it. It can be a mess or a masterpiece.

Overcoming Discouragement

We have all had times in our lives where someone discouraged our beliefs or even passions in life. Maybe someone told you that you couldn’t do something because of whom you are or where you come from. Maybe they told you that you weren’t “good” enough or that you will never amount to anything. Those comments however small they may seem could actually become loud voices in your head eating away at your self esteem.

Making Your Purpose Your Business Step #4 – Organizing & Developing Online Content

If you have done your homework then you are ready to organize and develop what will be your online content. Your content is very important as it will be used for promoting you, your work, and your website. Content serves a variety of purposes; it displays public relations, target marketing, and general information to build a platform for your product (your purpose).

Motivation By Facing Facts

Some of the greatest truths are the most obvious. But they are also the most overlooked. This article takes a look at the importance of facing the facts and accepting that more usually needs to be done to complete whatever we are doing. It is very easy to kid ourselves that we have done something or finished something when we haven’t. We need to be motivated by taking a thorough look at whatever we are doing to check that it really is finished and finished well.

Can Pain Be A Motivator?

Does your dream energize you enough to move you to take action? Could a nightmare make you move faster? Learn how for some it takes negative energy to inspire!

Five Simple Motivation Strategies That Work

Every one of us has the potential to successfully more through the unique problems that face us. Yet, creating success often involves identifying the many ways in which we continue to think negatively and the many ways we limit ourselves. Use these five proven tips to help you weed out negative habits and replace them with positive, supportive behaviors.

Feeling Stuck? Eight Steps to Get You Moving Forward

“I know what I need to do, but I just can’t get myself started.” Who among us hasn’t been caught in this scenario before? We know what to do, but we cannot seem to put knowledge into action. As a result, we feel frustrated and stuck. Use these eight ideas to move beyond complacency and start making your dreams come true!

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