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Self Improvement – 5 Ways to Redefine Approach Towards Failure

You hate to fail in your endeavors. Since you keep trying and keep innovating, you know that failures are parts and parcels of the game. Wise people know how to come out of the agony of failure and keep trying till they achieve success.

3 Roadblocks to Change

Do you wish you could just shift gears and live a more satisfying life? Perhaps you want less stress, more security, or more meaning in life? Here are three roadblocks that may get in the way of your change.

Acknowledging the Day – Laziness

It is important to realize the factors which may attribute to one’s laziness. Many people take laziness for granted, without giving it much thought. This article brings forth the acknowledgment part of laziness and how we could improve ourselves to make another day useful and better.

Stop Trying to Follow Everyone Else, Let Them Follow You

Do you have a “herd mentality”? Do you feel that you need to do what others do so that you do not feel left behind or left out?

Self Motivation For Success

At times we’re all guilty of putting tasks to the side for later, even if these tasks could potentially be very beneficial to us. Most of us seem to rather want to wait until the timing or the day is better. When it comes to positive self help, motivation is a key ingredient to success. A lot of our motivation can come from within ourselves if we know the right ways to bring it to life! More self motivation means more positive thinking, more self confidence, and a path to a more successful lifestyle.

Motivation – A Transformational Leadership Skill

How many times have you awakened in the morning and did not want to go to work? But you went in anyway, not because you wanted to or had to, but because your commitment to the organizational goal and the leadership was important. That is the effect of transformational leadership, it motivates you not only to believe in the vision, but also to commit and stay the course until the goal has been attained.

Are You Helpless?

It is pathetic to hear fellow human beings cry out despondently that they are helpless. Can this pronouncement you made really be accurate. Now take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Benefits of a To-Do List

Do you ever find yourself looking for what you should be doing next, although you know that there is so much to do? Do you aimlessly wander the desert of Twitter and Facebook when you should be finishing that article about marketing?

Want to Stop Procrastinating? Try These Tips

Have you ever considered how procrastinating can eat away your valuable time? Every person in the world has the same amount of time, so how come some people use their time more effectively than others? In this article I would like to show you how you can stop procrastinating, and move onto more interesting challenges in your life.

Three Simple Steps to a Fulfilled Dream

If you have ever wondered how to get from dream to reality then you should read this. These three simple tips will help you realize your dreams and turn them into reality.

Negotiating Our Potential Disasters – Playing Shuffleboard on a Burning Deck OR Congruence

When the world plunged into the Global Financial Crisis (a.k.a. the GFC) it revealed in those failed financial corporations a cultural disconnect of gargantuan proportions. Once thought to be courageous leaders, the CEOs of these companies quickly became villains in the eye of Governments and the public, having been caught playing shuffleboard on a burning deck..

Will You Be the Rock That Redirects the Course of the River?

The real strength of water is that we may able to harness the power but never control it. If we were able to harness the power that we have within us we would be more phenomenal. The secret to our success lies deep down inside of us dormant.

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