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When You Need To Be Strong and Unafraid

“WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH,” the old platitude says, “the tough get going.” But one has to wonder, what exactly do the ‘tough’ have (or need) in their quest to do what is tough? We all have tough work to do from time to time.

How to Increase Personal Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

If you are an achiever then you may be surprised when you reach your goals – and then lose motivation! This article will help explain why and what you can do about it.

Resourcefulness: Key to Survival

In this generation, we need to be resourceful in order to survive. We need to develop our resourcefulness so that we can act effectively in difficult situations.

How a Password Can Change Your Life

I had come to believe that passwords get a bum rap, and in this message, I want to transfer that belief and show you how to imbue them with your hopes and dreams, your most important goals and fondest aspirations. Why? Because, once you change your belief and perspective, and begin utilizing your passwords with a purpose beyond security and privacy, you’ll quickly see how this simple act can have such a profound impact on your life as they unlock much more than your accounts.

Vacation and Motivation

I am now returning from a ten day break in Thailand and what can I say? I am refreshed? Hardly! In truth I am exhausted; but I have had a most wonderful time. That I am raring to get back to work? No, I want to sleep for a week, despite the fact that I have lounged by swimming pools in temperatures of 30 degrees plus whilst having visited enough holy Bhuddas to spiritually turbo-charge me for a year. That I have a new perspective on life? We’ll sort of but that’s not the heart of it; of course my perspective is broadened, how could it not be? But there is something broader, wider than a mere foreign perspective, no matter how different that is from ours in the West. I wrestle with what I am trying to say as I fly over Asia on this plane. What has changed for me as a result of this holiday?

9 Allotted Bullets For Controlling Your Life

Instead, it appears all we have gained is information overload generating creative stagnation and a deluge of communication gadgets allowing less time for relaxation but more time for work. What appears to be more and more acceptable is for men and women to work sixty or seventy hours per week on average without so much as batting an eyelash. And, we keep fooling ourselves into thinking we have a life!

Connecting With Personal Development High-Mindedness

We understand that no-one is perfect, and no-one knows everything there is to know. Thankfully we generally don’t need to know everything, but we do need to know when we need to learn something, and when we need to develop new skills and abilities. Many times, when we set out on a course of self-development, we try to improve that which does not require any change

6 Covert Life Strategies Worth Re-Examining

Life isn’t giving you a hard time and it isn’t singling you out for special treatment. Could this be an ideal period where you can rethink your life strategy, improve your competitiveness and master a few forgotten but essential life skills to help you in your professional life and beyond?

Where Do Dreams Go?

Remember all the dreams you had about what you would love to be when you grow up? I have a feeling not a lot of people get to live their dreams, I understand how some of these dreams may have been bound to fail because they were unrealistic to begin with (those ideas of being Catwoman when you get older was really never going to happen, was it?). However, with more down to earth desires, why do we sometimes let it get lost?

Embrace Everything Endurable

Embrace everything endurable. Why? Because, with Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit’s power, we can. And that’s not all. It can become a delight to endure! There is perhaps no better delight. To endure is to try on God’s faithfulness.

Is How to Find Motivation the Right Question?

A question I’ve been seeing around a lot lately is, how do I get motivated? Now wanting to be motivated is great but motivation comes from passion. Asking how to get motivated without a subject to be motivated about, is like picking a spread before you’ve decided on what kind of bread you want. It has no purpose, unless.. you really like Peanut Butter of course..

The Blessedness of Perseverance In Lonely Brokenness

There are Two Great Truths that I feel God wishes for me to share with you; that I’m conscious of as I write: 1) The lonelier you are the closer he is. 2) The more you respond in love when you wish to give up, the more God will show you just how close he is.

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