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Self-Motivation – Surprises Are Part of Our Lives

Self-Motivation is a very important activity in our day to day life as we don’t know what surprise will come and at what time. We have to motivate ourselves to ensure that the surprise is being handled appropriately and WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP. Even though the surprises are common to everyone lives and every one motivate them to handle their surprises and take it forward. We have to motivate ourselves to ensure that the surprise is being handled efficiently and functionally. We attempt through our article, to share ancient ideas and techniques to walk you through this journey of life surprises.

How To Keep Your Heart In The Driver’s Seat Without Letting Your Mind Hijack You

The mind is notorious for leading us astray due to a simple reason: We believe and act out our thoughts. And we’re not to blame, because the voices in our head are real. However, thoughts are fleeting electrical impulses, while the heart’s wisdom is true and constant. It is the silent whisper of the soul that speaks without drowning out your thoughts.

Why You Should Make It A Habit To Visualise Your Ideal Future

It’s easy to focus on what is wrong in your life than trying to envisage a better future because your problems are real. To imagine a future you can’t see poses a challenge. However, it’s worth devoting more time to visualise what you want to experience as I’m about to outline.

Conquer The Bandits That Rob Your Willpower

There are six bandits that can sap your willpower, leaving you at the mercy of bad habits, or lacking in motivation to maintain a new habit. Learn about these bandits and how to conquer each one so that you can maximize your willpower.

Your Purpose Isn’t To Meet Deadlines, It’s To Find Fulfilment Through Purposeful Action

Chances are you are reading this article on a mobile device or computer with multiple applications open? In fact, you’re probably thinking about the next thing on your to do list or contemplating a host of other things, without really being present. We’re all guilty of it. Gone are the days of being attentive to the task at hand since our minds have become saturated with stimuli. We believe if we’re not attending to a million things at once, we’re not productive.

60+Good Morning Motivational Quotes

Morning is the early part of the day; it is also referred to as the time when the sun rises until noon. It can also be further defined as the period of time between midnight and noon. If you check this time or period in which the morning time falls in, you will realize that mostly the body system of every human is at the start of its rise. This very time is one of the best periods in which it is universally recommended that we should extend our feelings to those we love so much.

Metaphors Gone Wild: Fire and Motivation

“If my 75% player plays 50% over his ability,” legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once asserted, “and your 100% player plays 10% under his ability, my player will win every time.” This article provides tips for getting to, and staying at, 100% effort, whether you are a coach of others or simply coaching yourself to greater achievement.

Success Tip: Practice Makes Progress, So Let Go of Perfect and Focus on Process

Practice is a very powerful tool for developing and sustaining skills. And yet, for many people the word has negative connotations. That’s mainly because the word “practice” is so often linked with the word “perfect.”

Trading Places – Find A Reason To Be Grateful

Right now someone is praying to have your problems. Don’t think so? Take a look at why there are so many reasons to be grateful.

A New Year, A Refined You

Regardless of how the Old Year ended up for you, the New One presents a perfect opportunity for you to create a Refined You. In this case you are not starting from scratch but instead are reaching back to take the lessons you’ve garnered from the experiences of the Old Year, and using them to refine your philosophy on life, refine or even redefine your goals, and refine your strategies to achieve them.

Realization of Image and Likeness of God

Searching biblical verses for life’s meaning and purpose, can at times be exhausting. But, when we find that special scriptural interpretation, one that says it all for you, then our struggle is no longer, our search for the elusive treasure has come to pass. This, hopefully, will be that article, the one which clarifies you’re principle concerns, and, in doing so, opens the door fully to your true spiritual wealth and prosperity.

Metaphors Gone Wild: Anglerfish and Change

Ralph Waldo Emerson used a metaphor to describe the dangers of clinging to a given belief forever: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” This article explores lifetime commitments and the need to let go of them when appropriate and allow change to ameliorate our lives.

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