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Starting a Guidance Program

When I first started my work as guidance counselor, the school principal made it clear to me that one of their problems is the increasing hyperactivity and disruptive behavior of pupils so she wanted me to come up with a guidance program that would cater to this problem. At first, I felt overwhelmed with what the task entails because I was new and was still adjusting to my work environment. I do not know where and how to start.

How to Use the Law of Attraction and Action

The common mistake that men and women make when when using the Law of Attraction is not taking measures into their own hands. People who uses the Law of Attraction oftentimes overlook one factor: action.

Motivation – How-To For Achieving Your Goals

For us to get to our goal, we have to mentally achieve this goal first. What follows is a simple how-to that you can do…

Life’s Crossroads

Life is difficult. Yes it is. A person, who is saying it is not, is either unaware of his or her problems or maybe he or she is just simply denying it.

Saturation Or Tipping Point

Saturation to bring a tipping point Saturation, or saturation point is the point at which no more can be added. The limit beyond which something cannot be continued, endured etc. Tipping point is the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.

How Not to Be Lazy

Laziness is a problem that many people face. It reduces their productivity and makes them unable to achieve great things in life. If you want to live your best life, there’s no way but to overcome this problem in your life.

Why Do We Fear the Unknown So Very Much?

A rallying call to the little people trying to keep their heads above water on comparatively less and less money, treading water faster and faster and still sinking. The time to be brave and start online is now. It doesn’t have to cost anything at first and anyone can do it.

Motivational Songs For Precious Girls Everywhere

A specialized list of songs that are used for motivation was compiled for women who like R&B. It also discusses and reviews the film Precious and its soundtrack.

Mistakes People Make When Trying to Motivate Themselves

Today the self help and motivational industry has grown really huge and a lot of people have become interested in improving their lives and building stronger motivation. Even though so many people are interested in these exact points, a lot of people never actually get started and even fewer learn how to motivate themselves and push through any barrier life presents them with.

Checklist to Motivating Yourself

When it comes to motivating yourself and making sure you are constantly on the right path a lot of people easily get confused and wonder if they are doing everything right. Confusion and doubt are your worst enemies when wanting to improve your life as they will slowly lull you to sleep and keep you from taking consistent action.

Guide to Reinventing Yourself

Ever feel that you are stuck in a rut and that the years are passing so fast that you’re afraid you’ll be left behind? Congratulations – this can be the first step to a self-rejuvenation that may change your life in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Successful People’s Motivational Ability

A lot of people in today’s world struggle when it comes to motivating themselves and taking action towards reaching their goals. It is not that they don’t know what to do, they just don’t do it. As a great man once said “Knowing is not enough, we must do”. Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power and if you don’t use your knowledge and constantly push yourself you will never get close to your results.

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