CONTROL YOUR BRAIN – 2022 Motivational Speech

Execute on Goals: Periodically Evaluate Where You Are

Do you want to be motivated and get motivated long term? The key is evaluating where you are and what you are doing. Gain tips and techniques for massively increasing your effectiveness.

The Secret to Motivation: Knowing What Gets You Motivated and Stimulated!

What is the key element of motivation? It is knowing what gets you motivated and stimulated! When you harness the power of your own rocket fuel and design it into your life you will reach new levels of motivation and achievement.

Maximum Motivation By Practicing Long Term Thinking

One of the key characteristics of highly successful and motivated people is that they practice the fine art of long term thinking. TYhis article uncovers the techniques to maximize motivation in your life by thinking long term.

Drive Motivation by Understanding the Power of Reward Now!

The reason many people is fail is very simple;when they acheive they dont reward themselves. This article outlines tips and techniques for driving motivation by the use of reward that if followed, can change your life!

What motivates you?

Ever find yourself in kind of a funk, faced with having to do something you don’t want to do? A project at work? A chore on that Honey-Do list your spouse keeps adding to. It happens every day. To millions of us. Life isn’t always fun. Neither are the things we’re expected to do.

Motivation – Getting Out What You Put in Part 1

Keep motivated through your body

Motivation – Getting Out What You Put in Part 2

Keep motivated by feeding your mind

In Search of Courage – Transcending the Politics of Fear

Fear and anger are the worst places from which to make decisions. So how do you overcome your fears in an age of color-coded threat levels, “live” highway chases and unfolding scandals? The answer is courage. Uncover the true meaning of the word and gain practical ideas for living and acting with courage every day.

Noah Didn’t Wait For His Ship To Come In – He Built One

Seize the moment! Today was once the future from which you expected so much in the past. Live for today. Don’t let what you have within your grasp today be missed entirely because only the future intrigued you and the past disheartened you. Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Motivate Yourself By Focus, Hard Graft And A New Self-Image

Have you ever started out, with great enthusiasm, on the road to achieve an important goal and, after several months or even years, found that you are not much closer to your goal? Perhaps you decided to make money by joining the internet gold rush but after several years you now find yourself in credit card debt and wondering what happened.

Get Moving Toward Manifesting Your Dreams

Whatever you conceive in your mind today is the quality of your life tomorrow. Being as mentally active in your affirmations, positive thinking and warm feelings as you can during your day is as beneficial as physical exercises is for the body.

The Real ‘Matrix’ and How to Escape From It

It starts when we’re small children, about the time we first develop self-awareness. Society steps in – first in the form of our parents, then out teachers, then the media, or bosses at work, our peers – and tries to tell us ‘who we are’. That’s when we begin creating the false self, the self that is a response to the demands of the society around us. We begin managing other people’s impressions of us, we begin to lie, we begin to act like a reflection of what we think the world expects us to be. Before too long we can no longer see ourselves in the mirror – we have stepped through the looking-glass into the Matrix.

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