CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS – Motivational Speech

The Best Year of Your Life!

What if you could choose, in advance, the best year of your life? If you could, would you choose 2009 or would you wait for 2010 or somewhere else down the track of time? You can make the choice, right now, that this year is the best year of your life – it’s the best year in your business, the best year in your health, the best year in your relationships – the best year in every aspect! It is a simple, willful decision! What will you choose?

Life’s Too Short – Start Living Your Dream

Thousands of people just like you and me are making theirs dreams come true! No one has more interest in your financial future than you do. Start living the life you have always dreamed of living. Make a commitment to yourself today to “live life”, not just exist.

The Universe is Your Dog

Take a few moments throughout your day and Be [Fill in the Blank with Desired Thing]. As you’re driving you can become a published writer. What would that feel like? When you’re at a party, try being someone that everyone wants to talk to. Be wise. Be someone who has so many clients, you can hardly get through a day without turning people down. Be someone who is certain of what she wants. What does that feel like?

Motivation – The Importance of Momentum

When attempting to get motivated half of the battle is won by just getting started. A big part of the other half is won by the act of keeping on keeping on.

Controlling Your Mind Power – You ARE Worthy!

Who told you that you have no worth, and worse, why did you choose to believe them? You have the power and ability to establish your own worth. YOU ARE WORTHY.

Replace Fear With Self Confidence

“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” Allen H. Neuharth. Did you know that one of the biggest forces that stops people from going after what they want to have or accomplish in life is fear?

Casting Pearls Before Swine

We live in a society that prides itself on being “true to our self” and on being consistent in our thoughts and actions – what a recipe for failure! Between the self and all the other qualiadelia taking up residence in the mind, the brain is home to lots of messages.

Inner Drive – It Keeps You Going!

Drive will propel your business or without it, will destroy your business and hopes and dreams. Drive keeps your dreams alive and real.

Where to Find a Fortune!

Are you sick and tired of people telling you what you need to do to become successful? If so, don’t read this article. I am going to do more of the same. Kind of!

Go Explore – You Are More Confident Than You Think

I can tell the people sitting adjacent from me on the double-decker bus bound for Victoria train station that they had just left a ‘motivational’ seminar. They were all hyped up, juiced and excited. I can ‘see’ their bodies radiating with anticipation to apply what they had learned. My ears perked up when I heard one say to the other, “Tomorrow I shall start the journey of getting to know myself.”

6 Proven Methods to Stop Putting Off the Things You Need to Do

Learn from the experts on personal development. Imagine what it would be like to not be held back by your limiting habits of procrastination. Now you can with this article!

How Negative People Can Motivate You!

Negative people are around us constantly, but for some reason, people allow negativity to ruin their emotional stability, destroy ideas, and personal ventures. Negativity can be conquered if you choose to win and find your own personal motivation.

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