CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS – Motivational Speech

The Doomsday Device … The physical Brain In Action

The brain, alone and cut off, can create the most tumultuous chaos out of, literally, nothing at all. However, it is in our virtual mind that we can interact and grow to acquire the information we need to move forward in our lives.

Grit or Grace?

The grit of life is hard to swallow. You make a presentation at the office and someone points out a small mistake. The traffic was terrible that morning and you were late to an important appointment. You rehearsed exactly what you wanted to say to your boss, but when the time came the mind went blank.

Commitment vs.Trying – Is Trying Lying?

The author discovered many truths while she was recuperating in a rehabilitation hospital following a horrific motorcycle accident. A profound moment for her was learning that “trying is lying”! Come and read why and see if you agree…

How Mind Implants Increase Business Success

Merging proven methods with today’s technology to increase business success implanting millionaire’s thinking in your mind.

Living Outside the Lines of Normal and Reasonable

A client of mine told me of a post recently by a woman who feels professional coaching is teaching “New Age” philosophy and that we promote thinking outside-the-box. She feels that way of thinking is not an encouraging idea to promote because it is unrealistic and a waste of time for people who want to live successfully in today’s society. I had to laugh. She posted on a 12 Step chat room! Where would she have posted if Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob and Microsoft had NOT thought outside the box?

7 Great Life Lessons From Tsunami Survivor

Today the world has been shocked by the Tsunami that hit Asia. We have lost many lives to this awful event. For better preparation and to survive this disaster, learn from Bill O’Leary, a tsunami survivor, and save lives.

Top 10 Tips For The Best Year of Your Life!

We typically think of New Year’s as the time to make annual resolutions and start fresh. Unfortunately, we all know that most resolutions are quickly forgotten. The good new is that “now” is always the best time to take charge of your future and create the life you want. Real success is about choosing your priorities, and then following a plan that emphasizes the things that are most important to you. With that in mind, here are 10 suggestions for creating a wonderful, productive and rewarding year for yourself (and your practice)!

The Solutions to Life’s 10 Biggest Problems!

Every day clients tell me about their problems, often in great detail, and I’ve noticed patterns that show up over and over. For many people, life’s problems are viewed as “not enough money” or “not enough time”. For couples, the problems are often around “communication” or “parenting” or sex. They think if they only had more money or more time or better sex or a better job, things would be wonderful.

What Do You Truly Value Most?

Believe it or not, values are in the core of all of us. These underrated rankings tell more about us than we could ever imagine. Yet, many of us overlook this extremely important portion of our lives.

How to Make Bite Size Resolutions for 2005

Too many people make New Years resolutions that are too aggressive, resulting in failure. This article will give some examples of how to make small, manageable, bite size resolutions for 2005 that are designed for success.

A Few Simple Things You Must Do If You Want to Be Wealthy

The size of your thinking determines the amount of money you can make. There is plenty of money in the world, and if you don’t have enough, you may want to think about how much you are willing to receive.

Within You Lies All You Need

This article centres on the journey of awareness into the rich and unique potentialities hidden within the so called average individual. The essence of the real us hiden within and awaiting revelation for success and accomplishments in life. For us to come to terms with the only and real us there can and will ever be and how we must never be caught up in the tragedy of failing to come out of ourselves. So that we dont die with our son still in us.

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