CONTROL YOUR MIND – Motivational Speech

Motivation – My Story – What’s Yours?

I have been a relatively fit person my whole life. Health and fitness activities have always been an integral part of my life – sports, adventures, training and now my career.

Finding Your Life Purpose – How to Find and Live a Purpose Driven Life

Many people have challenges when finding their life’s purpose. Others seem to be born with an intuitive grasp of what it takes to get what they want. The truth is that it’s not that hard to find your life purpose.

Re-Igniting Motivation – 9 Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals Today

You may have set off with the best of intentions, a sense of clarity about what you want to do with the rest of your life and a passion to achieve it, only to find several weeks or months down the road you’ve stopped dead in your tracks. Motivation, focus and empowerment come from seeing life from the future rather than from the past.

To Live Or Not to Live?

How do you live? Do you choose the life you want, or life the life you are handed?

Getting Out of Your Own Way

How many of you over the past week have put your dreams on hold? The need for dreams, vision journals, and optimism is imperative now. Motivation is needed always at times when we have the least interest in moving forward.

How to Deal With the Slips When They Happen

We all have our inevitable slips. The next thing you are feeling is guilt, self-recrimination, a sense of powerlessness, and an inner voice eating out your motivation – “What’s the point?” You hate yourself and you give up.

The Persistence Quotient

Everything worthwhile takes persistence, no matter if you or anyone seems to fail at first. Persistence is always the quotient that makes the difference in everything.

Reach Your Full Potential by Gaining Knowledge

A student may be very hard-working in nature and concentrates all his/her energy on gaining knowledge but without proper guidance and right path, all the hard-work and study may go down the drain. An excellent advice given to deserving students by experienced faculties is “going for a Microsoft certification or a network certification”. You will definitely realize the greatness of the advice because for the deserving candidate only the sky is the limit.

Why is it Always So Difficult to Make Changes in Our Lives?

I have seen it many times, when people are fearful of change or people believe that change can be really difficult. Though it can be difficult at times, changes can really provide us with some great outcomes. Much of the time we like to do things that we are familiar and because of this we may have the fear of failure when trying something new, believing that if we do change something bad is going to happen.

Improve Your Life – How to Create the Life Others Would Envy

Confused about how to improve your life? Well, don’t stress out or worry too much. Many people want to make improvements to their lives but simply don’t know how to get started.

Reality Creation Secrets a Myth?

With the advent of the Secret movie, as well as the book (not to mention numerous talk shows), there are many many people looking for ways that they can live the life they dream. But a key problem with the approach as promoted by the Secret, which is that of simply mentally asking for what you want and then sitting back and letting the universe give it to you, is that it simply doesn’t work as there is a key point missing.

Motivation is a No Brainer If You Program Yourself Correctly

Motivation is the glue that holds us together, otherwise the desire to to do things can become unstuck. We need to have motivational beliefs to give us reasons for doing tasks, and pursuing goals. If these beliefs are not stored deeply and vividly in our memory, as our unconscious driving force – we are likely to stop believing in ourselves, and then give up. This can then lead to stress, depression, anger, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, and confusion, or all combined. These type of feelings can cause undesirable outcomes, and may require much more resources and effort to fix, than restoring your motivation.

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