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Tuning in the Word Should

The five senses stimulate our thinking, and bring forth the word “should”. For example, you open a container from the refrigerator and the smell prompts you to think, I “should” throw this away. You may feel hot, and the sweat running down your forehead could cause you to think, I “should” turn on the air conditioning before I roast. Suppose you see that your car is dirty, and think to yourself, I “should” wash the car, sometime soon.

Being Afraid of Losing

Society as a whole frowns upon losing. Every aspect of society from religion to entertainment glorifies winning and frowns upon losing, hard. Yet, the reality is, more people lose than win, especially in going after what they truly want.

The Power of Music to Change Your Thoughts – How Motivational Music Can Better Your Life

The idea that our thoughts affect our reality is not a new concept, but just how much time do we give to monitoring what comes in? The ability of music to shape our thoughts is vitally important and it is a source that is around us constantly.

The Power of Visualization and Motivational Posters

Visualization is a powerful technique that helps you create the things you want in life. By visualizing your goals you’ll send a picture to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind creates your reality through the messages you send to it. There are lot of motivational posters available with powerful quotations that help you focus your mind on things that you want in your life.

The Ultimate Strategy For Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated

If you need to get motivated for a goal you have set, or want to make sure that you stay motivated all the time, you need to have vivid motivational beliefs about your desired outcome, or goals, firmly entrenched in your deep memory, or unconscious mind. These motivational beliefs are then your unconscious driving force, that keeps you motivated on auto pilot. You don’t need any physical props, or intangible concepts. You have programmed your desired outcome, and that is what your brain will follow. At any time of need, all you do is a few seconds of recall of that sensual experience you stored, to give yourself an inspiration boost to your motivation.

How to Cope (When You Fail)

Society teaches us that we will each get all that we want if we “have faith” or “think positive.” Yet so many people end up not getting what they want out of life.

Staying Motivated Through the Journey of Achieving Goals

What motivates you? What gets you fired up and your juices flowing? What vision of the future excites you? Being inspired temporarily is easy for many people…

Strong Motivational Beliefs Are Needed to Ensure That You Never Give Up

If we don’t have enough motivation, we may easily lose interest and desire to do things. There are many practical tips that may help keep us focussed, both on daily and short term tasks, as well as long term goals.

Values – What Are Your Values and Why?

When I work with individuals, one of the first exercises we do is the Values-Priorities-Direction. Until you know your value system creating your future remains a futile task. You will not make it down the path to happiness.

A Few Self Motivation Quotes to Read

Quotations are knowledge of great minds noted with clarity for us to learn from. The words of our positive mentors are inspiring.The messages are profound and help to change our life for the better.

Quotes Contain Ideal Answers to Life’s Challenges

Whenever I got stuck in any of life’s challenges and can’t figure out what to do to defy it, I just browse through my collection of quotes from famous peoples which I have collecting over the past couple of years. Whenever I come across a good heart-provoking quote, I jot it down into my collection.

We’re All on a Sinking Titanic

We are all on the proverbial sinking ship. We may not know when it’s going to sink, but sink it will.

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